90% Of Americans Can't Pass This T/F History Challenge. Can You?

Can you spot the lie?

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 Nov 26, 2020
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Question: 1/15True or false?

Alexander Hamilton was an early American President.
False, he was never President
True, he founded Broadway theater

Question: 2/15True or false?

Neil Armstrong is famous for being the second man on the moon.
True, Buzz Aldrin beat him to the moon
False, he was the first man on the moon

Question: 3/15True or false?

Despite being famous for his shortness, Napoleon Bonaparte was actually a normal height.
True, he was average, at 5'7
False, he was less than 5 feet tall

Question: 4/15True or false?

One of the ships Columbus' party sailed on was the Mayflower.
False, they were the Santa Maria, Pinta, and Nina
True, the Mayflower is often forgotten

Question: 5/15True or false?

Harriet Tubman led hundreds of slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad.
True, she used quilts as signs for other slaves
False, this was Susan B. Anthony.

Question: 6/15True or false?

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.
False, he invented electricity
True, ring, ring!

Question: 7/15True or false?

A democratic form of government originated in ancient Athens.
True, Greeks knew what to do
False, America was the first to implement democracy

Question: 8/15True or false?

The Great Wall Of China is about 500 miles long.
True, it only appears longer in photos
False, it is about 5,000 miles long

Question: 9/15True or false?

No president has ever served more than 8 years total.
False, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to a fourth term.
True, Obama is an example of a two-term president

Question: 10/15True or false?

Shakespeare wrote all of his work in French.
False, Shakespeare was a British playwright.
True, oui oui

Question: 11/15True or false?

The Invasion of Normandy was an instrumental battle in the Cold War.
True, it changed the course of the war
False, this was a key battle during WWII

Question: 12/15True or false?

The Red Scare during the 40s and 50s was the fear of the spread of Communism.
True, Communism was associated with the color red
False, it was the fear of the spread of AIDs

Question: 13/15True or false?

Lewis and Clark traveled with a woman named Sacagawea.
True, she helped them immensely
False, they travelled with a woman named Pocahontas

Question: 14/15True or false?

Amelia Earhart was the first person to fly an airplane.
True, it went undocumented because of her gender
False, the Wright brothers were the first

Question: 15/15True or false?

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France.
False, it was a gift from Britain
True, the French give good gifts
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