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 Apr 26, 2018
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Question: 1/20Pick the correct answer!

Which Roman politician is the title character of a Shakespeare play?
Tiberius Claudius Nero
Marcus Cicero
Julius Caesar

Question: 2/20Pick the correct answer!

Which American colony is also known as the Lost Colony?
Plymouth Rock

Question: 3/20Pick the correct answer!

Who was the first President of the United States?
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln

Question: 4/20Pick the correct answer!

In 2000, on what planet did NASA detect signs of water?

Question: 5/20Pick the correct answer!

Who is famous for helping Lewis & Clark on their expedition of the Louisiana territory?
Princess Little Foot

Question: 6/20Pick the correct answer!

The Berlin Wall separated east and west Berlin during what historical event?
The Crusades
The Revolutionary War
The Cold War

Question: 7/20Pick the correct answer!

The pyramids were built in ancient _________.

Question: 8/20Pick the correct answer!

What killed a third to a half of Europe's population during the Middle Ages?
The Red Death
The Black Death/ The Plague

Question: 9/20Pick the correct answer!

The Bay of Pigs was a failed military invasion of ______.

Question: 10/20Pick the correct answer!

King Henry the VIII married how many times?
Just one time
Twelve times
Six times

Question: 11/20Pick the correct answer!

Which of these presidents was assassinated?
Abraham Lincoln
George Washington
Theodore Roosevelt

Question: 12/20Pick the correct answer!

During the Gold Rush of 1849, people moved to ____________ in hopes of finding treasure.
The South
The West Coast
The East Coast

Question: 13/20Pick the correct answer!

Who was the first Western explorer to reach China?
James Knightly
Christopher Columbus
Marco Polo

Question: 14/20Pick the correct answer!

The first expedition to sail all the way around the world was led by ____________.
Ferdinand Magellan
Arthur Columbus

Question: 15/20Pick the correct answer!

Sandra Day O'Connor is a significant woman in history because she was the first woman to?
Serve as a Supreme Court Justice
Win an Olympic gold medal
Fly an airplane

Question: 16/20Pick the correct answer!

What was the Manhattan Project?
Great Britain's plan to destroy Manhattan during the American Revolution
A project to create an atomic bomb
The plan to build the city of Manhattan

Question: 17/20Pick the correct answer!

What was found that helped Europeans decipher the Egyptian language?
The Rosetta Stone
The Ten Commandments
A Scarab Stone

Question: 18/20Pick the correct answer!

According to legend, what brothers were raised by wolves and founded Rome?
Fred and George Weasley
Romulus and Remus
John and James

Question: 19/20Pick the correct answer!

___________ discovered the "New World" while looking for a trade route to India.
Christopher Columbus
Vasco da Gama
Ferdinand Magellan

Question: 20/20Pick the correct answer!

What is known as the "Great War"?
The Vietnam War
World War I
The Cold War
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