Quiz: Can You Match These 16 Superheroes To Their Superpowers?

Prove you know what superhero can fly, read minds, or travel back in time!

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 Jan 28, 2021
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Question: 1/16Pick the correct answer!

Which superhero has super speed?

Question: 2/16Pick the correct answer!

What power does Thor have?
The ability to create force fields
The ability to breathe underwater
The ability to control thunder

Question: 3/16Pick the correct answer!

Who has "Berserker Strength"?
Silver Surfer

Question: 4/16Pick the correct answer!

What power does Superman have?
Mind Reading

Question: 5/16Pick the correct answer!

Who has a ring that has seemingly unlimited abilities?
Iron Man
The Green Lantern

Question: 6/16Pick the correct answer!

What power does the Thing have?
Ability to breathe underwater
Superhuman strength

Question: 7/16Pick the correct answer!

Which superhero is an amazon warrior?
Wonder Woman

Question: 8/16Pick the correct answer!

What powers does Supergirl have?
Telekinetic abilities
Time Traveling
Super strength and the ability to fly

Question: 9/16Pick the correct answer!

What superhero doesn't have superpowers?
Captain Marvel

Question: 10/16Pick the correct answer!

What superpowers does Captain Marvel have?
Teleportation via the Rock of Eternity
Time traveling
Ability to walk through walls

Question: 11/16Pick the correct answer!

Who built a suit that lets them fly and gives them strength?
Captain Atom
Iron Man

Question: 12/16Pick the correct answer!

What super ability does Spiderman have?
He can fly
He can shoot lasers from his eyes
He can shoot and swing from spider webs

Question: 13/16Pick the correct answer!

Aquaman can do what?
Communicate with sea life telepathically
Change global warming
Eat sharks as a defense mechanism

Question: 14/16Pick the correct answer!

Who has the ability to mutate atoms?
Captain Atom
Wonder Man
Mr. Majestic

Question: 15/16Pick the correct answer!

What crime is cat woman especially talented at?
Petty theft
Insider trading
Grand theft auto

Question: 16/16Pick your answer!

What is Mystique's greatest strength?
Absorbing the memories, personality, skills or powers of others
Paralyzing the enemy
Seduction, intimidation, and manipulation
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