Quiz: Do You Actually Know The Function Of These 17 Old-Fashioned Objects?

We bet your grandma knows! ...Many of these objects may seem completely foreign, but they were ACTUAL items used back in the day before the surge of technology we've seen in the past few years.

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 Oct 05, 2017
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Question: 1/17What was this used for?

Wiping mud off shoes
Washing clothes
Playing music

Question: 2/17What was this used for?

butter churner
What was this used for?
Churn Butter
Apple Masher
Mop to clean floors

Question: 3/17What was this used for?

sewing machine
Printing Press
Sewing Machine
Morse Code Writer

Question: 4/17What was this used for?

cotton gin
Winding up music
Seperating cotton from its seeds
Coloring wool

Question: 5/17What was this used for?

printing press
Printing leaflets and newspapers
Making candy
Making rugs

Question: 6/17What was this used for?

Paper weight
Iron clothes
Smash foods

Question: 7/17What was this used for?

mortar and pestle
To smash berries for paint
To grind items for cooking or medicine
To marinate meat

Question: 8/17What was this used for?

Computing math
Typing letters
Sending telegrams

Question: 9/17What was this used for?

chamber pot
To potty train kids
Using the bathroom at night
Storing beauty products

Question: 10/17What was this used for?

stove burner
Stove burner for camping
A doctors utensil for looking in ears
Drying wet hair

Question: 11/17What was this used for?

Spin yarn and cotton
Curl hair
Mix batter

Question: 12/17What was this used for?

Weave blankets and rugs
Print maps and cartography
Paint on canvas

Question: 13/17What was this used for?

For eye exams
To take pictures
To call people

Question: 14/17What was this used for?

Checking eyes
Taking pictures
Seeing in the dark

Question: 15/17What was this used for?

TO cook things
To keep things cold
To burn wood

Question: 16/17What was this used for?

old fashion gadgets
Taking pictures
Garlic mincer
Chemists used it for measuring chemical concentrates

Question: 17/17What was this used for?

old fashion gadgets
Burger patty flipper
Ice cream sandwich maker
Old Fashioned fancy spatula
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