Quiz: Only A True Historian Will Know If These Facts Are Real Or Fake

How much do you actually know about History?

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 Oct 12, 2017
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Question: 1/15Is this fact real or is it fake?

The American Revolution was when Americans fought for independence from Canada.
Totally true
Fake news!

Question: 2/15Is this fact real or is it fake?

In Christianity, Jesus is the savior and son of God.
No, I don't think so
That sounds about right

Question: 3/15Is this fact real or is it fake?

The Berlin Wall separated east and west Beijing after WWII and during the Cold War.
I don't think that is right
Pretty sure that's what I learned in history class

Question: 4/15Is this fact real or is it fake?

The Reformation was when Martin Luther King wrote the 95 Thesis to complain about the Catholic Church.
That is exactly right
Not Quite

Question: 5/15Is this fact real or is it fake?

During WWII political ideologies like fascism, communism, and democracy were important in creating allies.
No, it didn't matter what individual countries did politically
Yup, that was a huge factor

Question: 6/15Is this fact real or is it fake?

World War I started in 1914 when Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand was shot.
Yup, that kick started the war
No, Franz being shot had nothing to do with it

Question: 7/15Is this fact real or is it fake?

Gutenberg's press changed the way people could receive news.
No, printing barely changed anything
Absolutely, being able to print was a game changer

Question: 8/15Is this fact real or is it fake?

Muhammad started the religion of Buddhism in the Middle East.
Yup, it changed the way they formed tribes
No, I think he did something else

Question: 9/15Is this fact real or is it fake?

The Torah is the religious book of Judaism and the Old testament in Christianity.
No, those books are completely different
Yup, it is also kinda similar to the Quran

Question: 10/15Is this fact real or is it fake?

During the Pax Romana, Rome fought many wars and expanded their territory immensely.
Yup, they had a lot of men die but gained a ton of land
I don't think that is exactly what happened

Question: 11/15Is this fact real or is it fake?

William Shakespeare is famous for writing many plays including Wicked and Book of Mormon.
Yea, he wrote those and they are both fantastic!
Those aren't quite his genre

Question: 12/15Is this fact real or is it fake?

The Renaissance was a rebirth when people began to focus on learning and science and less on old beliefs.
No, the Middle Ages are when people started to care about math
Yup, before this people lived in the dark ages

Question: 13/15Is this fact real or is it fake?

Napoleon Dynamite was a very important military commander in France during the revolution.
Yea he was a battlefield mastermind
That doesn't sound correct

Question: 14/15Is this fact real or is it fake?

The Soviet Union's satellite Sputnik was the first to be launched into space.
Yes, the Soviets got an object into space first
No, America had a man on the moon before that even happened

Question: 15/15Is this fact real or is it fake?

Pocahontas led Lewis and Clark around the US.
I'm pretty sure she was in a Disney movie with John Smith
Yes, she was their guide and helped them navigate
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