Quiz: Only A True Italian Will Know If These Facts Are Real Or Fake

Ravioli, Ravioli, give me the formioli... to pass this quiz!!

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 Oct 19, 2017
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Question: 1/15True or False?

Italians always ask their guests one question before they've even taken off their coats, "Have you eaten?"
It is only polite!!
Food? Who needs food??

Question: 2/15True or False?

Catholic Italians eat 7 types of fish on Christmas Eve.
Why would anyone eat 7 kinds of fish??
What else do people eat??

Question: 3/15True or False?

Pastina is only eaten on special occasions.
That is reserved for weddings and funerals
My mom made me eat that every time I coughed

Question: 4/15True or False?

Italian wedding soup gained its name from being traditionally served at weddings.
Yes! When else would you eat it?
No, silly english people just mistranslated!

Question: 5/15True or False?

The Italian flag is green, white, and red.
Sounds about right!
There is definitely some orange in there

Question: 6/15True or False?

Fresh ingredients like basil and tomato are better than the store bought ones.
Who has time for a garden?
Do people really not grow their own herbs??

Question: 7/15True or False?

Prego is a house staple.
Ew! Who doesn't make their own sauce??
You need to have sauce on hand at all times!

Question: 8/15True or False?

It is impolite to show up to a party or gathering empty handed.
The hosts cook so much they'll be offended if you bring more!
Obviously! Bring wine, or an appetizer, or a dessert, or anything!!

Question: 9/15True or False?

You also never leave a party empty handed.
Why would you take something from the host??
You gotta refill the dish you brought with new goods!

Question: 10/15True or False?

The "tarantella" is a super famous Italian dessert.
Yes, it is ¡¡delicioso!!
I'm pretty sure that is something that happens at a wedding

Question: 11/15True or False?

Sundays are for family, and you really shouldn't make other plans.
Sundays are for rest, we don't cook!
My family would kill me if I missed Sunday dinner.

Question: 12/15True or False?

Family gatherings are chaotic because everyone is so loud and yells everything.
We aren't yelling we are just Italian!
Eating dinner is almost as sacred as Church it is quiet!

Question: 13/15True or False?

As soon as you could walk you stomped the grapes, because nothing compares to some homemade wine!
Who even knows how to make wine???
My parents exploited me for fresh wine.

Question: 14/15True or False?

Real coffee is always made on the stovetop.
Only the good stuff is made fresh on the stove!
Literally, that is what a Keurig is for.

Question: 15/15True or False?

You have approximately 37 family members with the same name.
None of my relatives have remotely similar names
Honestly how many Marias and Tonys can exist??
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