Quiz: Only People With A 150 IQ Can Get 10/15 On This Insane Trivia Test!

Think you can ace this tricky, tricky test?!? Only a real-life genius can handle it. Can you?

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 May 02, 2020
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Question: 1/20Pick Your Answer!

When typing in a website, what does the "www" stand for?
World Wide Web
Walt Webkinz World
Wizarding World of Witchcraft

Question: 2/20Pick Your Answer!

Which great Italian mind, who made improvements to the telescope, is known as the "Father of Modern Science"?
Galileo Galilei
Leonardo Da Vinci
Michael Medici

Question: 3/20Pick Your Answer!

"Big Ben" is located in:
Las Vegas, Nevada
London, England
Istanbul, Turkey

Question: 4/20Pick Your Answer!

A baby kangaroo is called a:

Question: 5/20Pick Your Answer!

What is the symbol of the Democratic Party?

Question: 6/20Pick Your Answer!

Who plays Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise?
Johnny Depp
Orlando Bloom
Geoffrey Rush

Question: 7/20Pick Your Answer!

Pencils are made out of which material?

Question: 8/20Pick Your Answer!

What color are emeralds?

Question: 9/20Pick Your Answer!

Prunes are made from which dried fruit?

Question: 10/20Pick Your Answer!

What is Batman's real name?
Bruce Wayne
Clark Kent
Peter Parker

Question: 11/20Pick Your Answer!

Which latitude line forms a great circle that divides the Earth into two hemispheres?
Prime Meridian

Question: 12/20Pick Your Answer!

The Sun rises in the ____ and sets in the ____.
East, West
West, East
North, South

Question: 13/20Pick Your Answer!

Which basketball player is associated with the number 23?
Lebron James
Steph Curry
Kobe Bryant

Question: 14/20Pick Your Answer!

The Gold Rush occurred in which U.S. state?

Question: 15/20Pick Your Answer!

Who is the oldest person to be elected President of the United States?
George Bush
John F. Kennedy
Donald Trump

Question: 16/20Pick Your Answer!

Which color is NOT considered a primary color?

Question: 17/20Pick Your Answer!

The Mexican city of Tijuana borders which U.S city?
San Diego
Los Angeles
Santa Barbara

Question: 18/20Pick your answer!

Who was president during the American Civil War?
Abraham Lincoln
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson

Question: 19/20Pick Your Answer!

How many unbroken toothpicks would you need to spell the word, "MAT"?

Question: 20/20Pick Your Answer!

If you rearrange these letters, "LTAANCIT," you'll have the name of a(n) _________.
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Think you're ready to take on the ultimate tricky brain challenge? Well, let's give it a whirl. This 21 question quiz will ask you brain teasers, spelling questions, knowledge questions, and more! Do you know if a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable? Is the capital of California Sacramento or Los Angeles? Son is to mother as nephew is to what? All of these questions and more will determine whether or not you are a true genius of mankind.

Brainteasers are a great way to keep your mind agile, to test your intelligence, and frankly, to have a lot of fun. Women.com specializes in entertaining, delightful, and silly quizzes that will be a momentary escape from the chaotic world around us. Whether you're a rabid 80s music fan, or a proud hometown girl from Texas, we've got quizzes that will speak to every aspect of who you are and what you love!

So come on in and challenge yourself with this ultimate trivia and brain test. From missing lyrics to basic knowledge every American should know to science facts you probably haven't thought about since you were in elementary school, this test will challenge every corner of your brain and truly give you a fun two and a half minute experience.

So what are you waiting for? Time to give this quiz a try! And don't forget to share it with your friends at the end to see if they're as smart as you are! We hope you enjoy the quiz!!