Quiz: Can You Ace This Meredith Grey Trivia Written By Fellow Grey's Fans?

Who knows Mer the best??

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 Dec 14, 2020
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Question: 1/19Pick your answer!

Where did Meredith go to college?

Question: 2/19Pick your answer!

Which character from season 1 appeared at Meredith’s hearing in front of the medical board?
Izzie Stevens
Olivia Harper
Katie Bryce

Question: 3/19Pick your answer!

Throughout the series, Meredith often flashes back to which childhood memory?
The carousel
Her last Christmas with her father
The ferris wheel

Question: 4/19Pick your answer!

Which near death experience of Meredith's did she see her mother’s ghost?
Giving birth
Plane crash

Question: 5/19Pick your answer!

Which patient beat Meredith whilst in a fugue state?

Question: 6/19Pick your answer!

Who is Meredith and Derek's third child named after?
Ellis Grey
Miranda Bailey
George O'Malley

Question: 7/19Pick your answer!

Who did Meredith need the polymer from for the mini livers?
Amelia Shepherd
Marie Cerone
Catherine Avery

Question: 8/19Pick your answer!

Who was the first person to find out Meredith tampered with the Alzheimer’s trial?

Question: 9/19Pick your answer!

Who knew Meredith the longest?

Question: 10/19Pick your answer!

Where did Derek propose to Meredith?
In the woods
Locker room

Question: 11/19Pick your answer!

What news did Meredith have for Derek during the hospital shooting?
She wanted a divorce
She was pregnant
She was promoted to attending

Question: 12/19Pick your answer!

What area was Meredith head of?
General surgery

Question: 13/19Pick your answer!

What was Meredith's favorite childhood toy?
Anatomy Jane
Barbie Doctor

Question: 14/19Pick your answer!

Where did Meredith give birth to Ellis?
San Diego
New York

Question: 15/19Pick your answer!

What gave Meredith the push she needed to go to medical school?
She had a near death experience
Her best friend, Sadie, encouraged her
Her mother was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's

Question: 16/19Pick your answer!

Meredith won a Harper Avery Award for her groundbreaking surgery on which patient?
Jane Doe

Question: 17/19Pick your answer!

In season 1 what did Meredith have to keep with her until the police came?
A severed penis
A patient
A lost child

Question: 18/19Pick your answer!

What organ does Meredith lose during her C-Section ?

Question: 19/19Pick your answer!

Why did Meredith Grey nearly lose her medical license?
She violated HIPAA
She gave a patient the wrong treatment
She committed insurance fraud
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