Quiz: Can You Answer A Question About Every Episode From Grey's Season 2?

From Doc to Denny, how well do you remember this unforgettable season?

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 Oct 06, 2020
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Question: 1/27Episode 1: "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head"

Addison requests Meredith to help her with her patient, who has which medical condition?
Placental abruption
Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome
Ectopic pregnancy

Question: 2/27Episode 2: "Enough is Enough (No More Tears)"

Episode 2 is which character's debut episode?
Adele Webber
Joe (Bar owner)

Question: 3/27Episode 3: "Make Me Lose Control"

When Ellis Grey comes to the hospital, who is assigned to treat her?

Question: 4/27Episode 4: "Deny, Deny, Deny"

Cristina uninvitingly diagnoses Burke and Izzie's patient with ______.
Tay–Sachs disease
Münchhausen syndrome
Hunter's syndrome

Question: 5/27Episode 5: "Bring the Pain"

This episode brought us which iconic line?
“You're my person.”
"Have some fire. Be unstoppable. Be a force of nature."
"So pick me, choose me, love me."

Question: 6/27Episode 6: "Into You Like a Train"

Who were the doctors ultimately able to save between Bonnie and Tom (the pair that had been impaled by a pole)?
Only Tom
Only Bonnie
Neither Bonnie nor Tom

Question: 7/27Episode 7: "Something to Talk About"

The entire medical staff is fascinated by a male patient who seems to have a _________.
hysterical pregnancy
severed foot
stomach tumor

Question: 8/27Episode 8: "Let It Be"

What do we find out about Dr. Bailey in this episode?
She is getting married
She is pregnant
She is quitting

Question: 9/27Episode 9: "Thanks for the Memories"

_____ plans to host a big dinner for Thanksgiving, worrying no one will show up.

Question: 10/27Episode 10: "Much too Much"

Izzie walks in on Alex sleeping with _____ in the on-call room.

Question: 11/27Episode 11: "Owner of a Lonely Heart"

What do Izzie and Meredith do to mend their friendship after having an argument?
They get a dog together
They go to Joe's bar and take tequila shots
They dance it out

Question: 12/27Episode 12: "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"

Burke and Cristina disagree about a patient who _______.
needs a heart-transplant but doesn't want it
refuses to have treatment without his mother present
is unable to authorize treatment

Question: 13/27Episode 13: "Begin the Begin"

Izzie appears to be getting over Alex, as she starts flirting with _____.

Question: 14/27Episode 14: "Tell Me Sweet Little Lies"

Why does George threaten to move out of Meredith's apartment?
Because she doesn't like him having guests over
Because she won't stop seeing Derek
Because of the dog

Question: 15/27Episode 15: "Break on Through"

Izzie bonds with a patient over what?
Their hatred for Alex
Modeling for lingerie
Both being teen moms

Question: 16/27Episode 16: "It's the End of the World"

Where is Bailey's husband while she is giving birth?
Derek's operating table
On a plane to Seattle
Stuck in traffic

Question: 17/27Episode 17: "As We Know It"

Who removes the explosive from the patient's chest?
The paramedic

Question: 18/27Episode 18: "Yesterday"

Why did Derek punch Mark in the face?
Mark introduced himself to Meredith
Mark insulted Addison
Derek was still upset that Mark slept with Addison

Question: 19/27Episode 19: "What Have I Done to Deserve This?"

Who gets an allergic reaction to poison oak in their private areas?

Question: 20/27Episode 20: "Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole"

Callie and George treat a stubborn Hockey player who ______.
refuses to have knee surgery
cut off his own finger
has a puck stuck in his mouth

Question: 21/27Episode 21: "Superstition"

Which intern treats Jesse, a patient with OCD who had been in a car crash?

Question: 22/27Episode 22: "The Name of the Game"

Meredith takes up what hobby, as a vow of celibacy?

Question: 23/27Episode 23: "Blues for Sister Someone"

What animal baby do Meredith and Finn deliver on their first date?
A puppy
A baby horse
A baby cow

Question: 24/27Episode 24: "Damage Case"

Why is Burke angry with Cristina?
She got a text from her ex
She fell asleep during sex
She's a bad roommate

Question: 25/27Episode 25: "17 Seconds"

Who does Izzie ask to help her cut Denny's LVAD wire?

Question: 26/27Episode 26: "Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response"

Who operates on Burke's gunshot wound?

Question: 27/27Episode 27: "Losing My Religion"

Who tells Dr. Webber that Izzie cut Denny's LVAD wire?
Izzie confesses herself
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