Hawaii *Lingo* - It’s A Thing! Think You Know It ALL?

Are you really a Hawaii local?

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 Feb 07, 2021
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It's a sign of respect to call people _______.
Grandma and Grandpa
Auntie and Uncle
Sister and Brother

Question: 2/17Choose your answer!

Fry up some _____, pair it with rice, wrap it in nori, and you'll be eating good!!

Question: 3/17Choose your answer!

_____ is served raw and marinated.
Kalua Pig

Question: 4/17Choose your answer!

Which of these presidents is from Hawaii and attended Punahou School?
Barack Obama
George W. Bush
Ronald Reagan

Question: 5/17Choose your answer!

On a certain beach in Oahu, you have a view of which of these "items"?
The Portuguese Man’s Shoe
The Chinaman’s Hat
The Brazilian Woman’s Bag

Question: 6/17Choose your answer!

In Oahu winter, you can easily find the biggest waves on:
The Leeward Side
The North Shore
The Windward Side

Question: 7/17Choose your answer!

But the biggest waves in Maui are at:
Honolua Bay
Ka’anapali Beach
Pe'ahi AKA Jaws

Question: 8/17Choose your answer!

What's considered bad winter weather for Hawaii?
Lots of rain
Cold Temperatures

Question: 9/17Choose your answer!

A kid's first birthday party is a huge deal, and it's called their _______!
First Hula
First Luau
First Party

Question: 10/17Choose your answer!

Flip flops are called:

Question: 11/17Choose your answer!

Which city on the mainland is sometimes jokingly called the 9th Island?
San Francisco
Las Vegas
New York

Question: 12/17Choose your answer!

Which Hawaiian dish consists of white rice, a hamburger patty, a fried egg and brown gravy?
Loco Moco

Question: 13/17Choose your answer!

Looking for some fast food? You gotta try _____!
Anna Miller’s
Maui Tacos

Question: 14/17Choose your answer!

Whenever someone graduates, what can they expect to be covered in?
Leis (flowers, candy, and floaties)

Question: 15/17Choose your answer!

What is a Humuhumunukunukuapua'a?
The official state bird
The largest dormant volcano
The official state fish

Question: 16/17Choose your answer!

What's the Hawaiian word for family?
Lā wela

Question: 17/17Choose your answer!

If you say your food "broke da mouth", it was:
Super unhealthy
Very delicious
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