The Ultimate Grey's Anatomy Trivia Challenge: Questions By Fans, For Fans

Can you outsmart your fellow Grey's fans?

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 Jun 29, 2020
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Question: 1/20Pick your answer!

Which song was featured in the pilot episode?
"Into the Fire" by Thirteen Senses
"Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol
"Keep me Warm" by Ida Maria

Question: 2/20Pick your answer!

Who said this quote: "McDreamy was doing the McNasty with the McHottie. That McBastard!"
George to Meredith
Meredith to Cristina
Cristina to Izzie

Question: 3/20Pick your answer!

Who owned up to breaking Mark's 'little Sloan'?

Question: 4/20Pick your answer!

Who took the fall for Meredith when she put her daughter's name as a patient and got caught?

Question: 5/20Pick your answer!

Whose name did Bailey choose to make her sons middle name?

Question: 6/20Pick your answer!

How did Callie find out Arizona cheated on her?
Arizona told her
She caught her in the on-call room with another woman
She saw Arizona's ring pinned to another girls shirt

Question: 7/20Pick your answer!

What is Meredith and Derek's sons first name? (Hint: Not his middle name which he goes by).

Question: 8/20Pick your answer!

How many times did Meredith get pregnant?

Question: 9/20Pick your answer!

Why did Derek Shepherd die?
Improperly trained medical staff failed to give him a head CT
He was shot and staff failed to get him to the O.R. on time
He has a heart attack and is not found in time

Question: 10/20Pick your answer!

What doctor let Derek die?

Question: 11/20Pick your answer!

What did April and Jackson name their son?

Question: 12/20Pick your answer!

How did Meredith Grey know Callie’s girlfriend, Penelope?
She was Derek’s mistress
She was Derek’s doctor the night he died
She was Meredith’s college roommate

Question: 13/20Pick your answer!

What was the name of Christina and Owen's male dog?
Mrs. Rodriguez

Question: 14/20Pick your answer!

Where did Derek propose to Meredith?
The woods
A bar
An elevator

Question: 15/20Pick your answer!

What is the name of Mark's daughter who showed up out of the blue?

Question: 16/20Pick your answer!

Richard Webber got sick due to ____ poisoning.

Question: 17/20Pick your answer!

Who changed to peds residency at the end of their general residency?
Dr. Miranda Bailey
Dr. Arizona Robbins
Dr. Alex Karev

Question: 18/20Pick your answer!

Where did Cristina start her fellowship?
Cleveland Clinic
Mayo Clinic
Klausman Institute for Medical Research

Question: 19/20Pick your answer!

What news did Meredith have for Derek during the hospital shooting?
She was pregnant
She wanted a divorce
She was promoted to attending

Question: 20/20Pick your answer!

Where is April Kepner from?
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