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 Aug 16, 2019
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What genre of music does Dolly Parton sing?
Indie Rock

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Which of these 90's movies did Uma Thurman star in?
Pulp Fiction
Dazed and Confused

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Which Disney princess was NOT woken up by true love's kiss?
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White

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What would you add to white sugar in order to make it into brown sugar?
Vanilla Extract

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What is the name of the award given to successful musicians?
Grammy Award
Emmy Award
Academy Award

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What is Amelia Earhart known for?
She was the first woman to run for president
She flew across the Atlantic. Alone!
She won the 1993 Winter Olympics

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What currency do people use in most parts of Europe?

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Which year was the World Wide Web made accessible to the public?

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Which of these songs was performed by The Beatles?
Strawberry Fields
Gimme Shelter
Dream On

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When did ladies (minus ladies of color) finally get the right to vote?

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What is the square root of 36?

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Which of these diet plans allows your body to burn its own fat as fuel?
Keto Diet
Vegan Diet
Fruitarian Diet

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When baking, butter can oftentimes be substituted with:
Heavy Whipping Cream
Cream Cheese

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Where was Audrey Hepburn born?

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Insomnia may cause a person to:
See clearly in the dark
Experience daytime fatigue
Experience memory loss

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What is the average family household size in the United States?

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What is the main health benefit of drinking milk?

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When someone says "equine" which animals are they referencing?
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