Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Grey's Fans Can Name All 22 Of These Moments

Do YOU remember every heart-wrenching moment in Grey's Anatomy?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
 Mar 08, 2017
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Question: 1/22What's happening here?

Meredith is contemplating if she should let her father die
Meredith is contemplating if she should fight to stay alive
Meredith is contemplating her relationship

Question: 2/22What's happening here?

They are fighting over protecting Lexie
They are fighting because they worked a long shift
They are fighting while waiting to see if someone gets fired

Question: 3/22What's happening here?

Cristina is begging for her job back
Cristina is telling someone she's pregnant
Cristina is begging for her mentor to stay

Question: 4/22What's happening here?

Callie lost her father
Callie lost George to Izzie
Callie lost the custody battle

Question: 5/22What's happening here?

Holding a premature baby in a kangaroo hold
Holding a fake baby to instruct his interns on proper care
Holding Izzie's premature baby

Question: 6/22What's happening here?

Meredith is waiting for Derek to wake up
Derek is about to have surgery
Meredith is saying goodbye to Derek

Question: 7/22What's happening here?

Addison is spending her last few moments with her best friend
Derek is telling them the cysts are inoperable
Addison is comforting an old friend

Question: 8/22What's happening here?

Erica realizes that she is gay
Erica decides she wants to leave Seattle Grace
Erica is being called into the OR after a 12 hour shift

Question: 9/22What's happening here?

Arizona is leaving for D.C
Arizona is leaving for Africa
Arizona is leaving for Europe

Question: 10/22What's happening here?

Burke and Stevens arguing at dinner
Burke and Stevens waiting for their friends on holiday
Burke and Stevens on a date

Question: 11/22What's happening here?

They are writing up rules between their work and relationship
They are getting married
They are telling each other secrets

Question: 12/22What's happening here?

Meredith outlined their dream house
Derek is winning Meredith back
Derek is telling Meredith he wants a child

Question: 13/22What's happening here?

George realizes that he is gay
George is joining the army
George is confronting his father

Question: 14/22What's happening here?

Cristina is operating on Derek
Cristina is contemplating suicide
Cristina is laughing at an inappropriate time

Question: 15/22What's happening here?

Thatcher is telling his daughters that he is dying
Meredith and Lexie are telling Thatcher to leave them alone
Thatcher is apologizing to his daughters

Question: 16/22What's happening here?

Meredith is telling everyone she is pregnant
Meredith is telling everyone that Derek is dead
Meredith is telling everyone she is taking time to travel the world

Question: 17/22What's happening here?

April is telling Hunt she loves him
Hunt is firing April
Hunt is offering April her job back

Question: 18/22What's happening here?

Izzie is cutting the LVAD wire
Izzie is watching Denny die
Izzie is confessing her love

Question: 19/22What's happening here?

Meredith is handing off a bomb
Meredith is handing off an important heart
Meredith is praying

Question: 20/22What's happening here?

Amelia admits she is an alcoholic
Amelia listened to Derek's last voicemail
Owen and Amelia are breaking up

Question: 21/22What's happening here?

Callie learns that George is dead
Callie learns she is asthmatic
Callie is choking during surgery

Question: 22/22What's happening here?

Webber is teaching Grey through a simulation
Webber and Grey are helping paramedics in an ambulance crash
Meredith realizes the ambulance is carrying George
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