Nevada Lingo - It's A Thing! How Much Do You Know?

These questions should make you say Neva-DUH if you're a native!

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 Oct 09, 2019
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First things first: how does a native Nevadan say "Nevada"?

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"What happens in Vegas"...
"Is all a dream".
"Stays in Vegas".
"Will ruin your life".

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Nevada has more ______ than any other state in the U.S.
Mountain ranges
Corn fields

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What's the Spanish translation of "Nevada"?
"Silver Town"
"Snow capped"

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Most U.S. gold comes from:
Nevada, even though California is known as "The Golden State"
California, it is "The Golden State", after all.
California, although it is all moved through Nevada.

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Nevada is known as the Battle Born State. Why?
The civil war started in Nevada.
It's where the first musket was invented.
It was "born" during the civil war.

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What's Spaghetti Bowl?
A dish served in Nevada involving a corn chip bowl filled with spaghetti.
The interchange of US-95 and Interstate 15.
A concert venue in Las Vegas.

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Area 51 is rumored to hold what kind of mysterious creatures?

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What is Tanglers?
A city in Nevada.
A restaurant in Las Vegas.
A completely made up place.

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Should you tip your servers and wait staff in Nevada?
Absolutely not--it's built into their paycheck.
Absolutely, they often depend on those wages!
You should just like anywhere else, but its not really a huge deal.

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The Neon Museum Boneyard is a junkyard for what?
Animal bones and fossils found in the desert.
Old Slot machines.
Old iconic neon signs.

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What's Nevada's nickname for Reno, the often overlooked city?
“The Little House On The Prairie”
“The Biggest Little City In The World”
“The Littlest City In Nevada”

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What is the abbreviation for Nevada?

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The Rebels and The __________ are the major basketball team fans in Nevada.
Wolf Pack

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Is there snow in Nevada?
In the winter it snows in all of Nevada.
Of course, there's snow in the mountains.
Of course not, it's a desert.

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True or False: Reno 911 is a pretty accurate depiction of Nevada.
False, most of it was actually filmed in California.
True, it was all filmed in Nevada.
False, it was all filmed in Nevada, but it wasn't realistic.

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Gambling and slot machines can be found...
Throughout all of Nevada in restaurants, bars, airports, and anywhere else.
Only in casinos, it's illegal to have in any other businesses.
Only in Las Vegas.

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Prostitution is legal in Nevada, but illegal in...
This is a trick question--prostitution is illegal in all of Nevada!
Las Vegas
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