New Jersey Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

Oh you're from Jersey? What exit?

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 Sep 06, 2018
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"Fill it regular, please." What's this mean?
What type of coffee you want
What you say to order a soda at a restaurant
How you want your gas tank filled

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What do most New Jerseyans call chocolate sprinkles?

Question: 3/20Choose your answer!

What's "wawa"?
The sound a crying baby makes
It’s short for water
A favorite convenience store

Question: 4/20Choose your answer!

What's a "hoagie"?
A sub sandwich
Loaded up nacho fries
Someone who’s greedy

Question: 5/20Choose your answer!

What do you use an EZ-Pass for?
Toll Roads

Question: 6/20Choose your answer!

Now what do you need for access to the beach?
A beach ribbon
A beach badge
A beach certificate

Question: 7/20Choose your answer!

Friendly's. What's that?
A second-hand clothing store
A restaurant chain with great ice cream
A coffee shop that specializes in espresso and smiles

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What makes Jersey bagels better than others?
Water sourced from the Catskill Mountains
Salt from India
Sugar from the Caribbean

Question: 9/20Choose your answer!

If you're heading to the beach, you'd say you're going to __________.
The shore
The boards
The coast

Question: 10/20Choose your answer!

You know what "jughandles" are, but you probably just call them:

Question: 11/20Choose your answer!

Gravy. What's that mean?
It only ever means that sauce you put on turkey
Another name for red pizza sauce

Question: 12/20Choose your answer!

What's another name for a "pork roll"?
A Taylor Ham
A Timmy Ham
A Whole Hog

Question: 13/20Choose your answer!

What city are you referring to when you just say "the city"?
New York

Question: 14/20Choose your answer!

Now, what does "A.C." refer to?
Air Conditioning
Automatic Control
Atlantic City

Question: 15/20Choose your answer!

What type of person would you call a "piney"?
Someone from South New Jersey
Someone who’s just visiting New Jersey
Someone who went to Princeton

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Which holiday is "Mischief Night" associated with?
Friday the 13th

Question: 17/20Choose your answer!

What are "disco fries" topped with?
Cheese and gravy
Onions and relish
Powdered sugar and syrup

Question: 18/20Choose your answer!

Which American musician from New Jersey is known as "the Boss"?
Paul McCartney
Johnny Bravo
Bruce Springsteen

Question: 19/20Choose your answer!

Who are the "Devils"?
A soccer team
A football team
A hockey team

Question: 20/20Choose your answer!

What is "Scrapple"?
A word game with a Jersey twist
A fried egg dish
A dish of pork scraps combined with cornmeal
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