Quiz: Can You Answer 18 Questions All Long Island Locals Should Know?

Life's better on the island!

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 Jul 22, 2018
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Question: 1/18Pick the correct answer!

Where does a Long Island local live?
IN Long Island
Either one
ON Long Island

Question: 2/18Pick the correct answer!

What Fork is home to the Hamptons?

Question: 3/18Pick the correct answer!

You've had to spend the night at Penn Station after missing the last train on the _______.

Question: 4/18Pick the correct answer!

What is an Arnold Palmer?
Lemonade and water
Orange juice and vodka
Lemonade and tea

Question: 5/18Pick the correct answer!

What is Long Island's favorite sport?
Water Polo

Question: 6/18Pick the correct answer!

As a local, you've seen an outside concert or 2 at this outdoor venue:
Jones Beach Theater
The Long Island Bowl
Red Rocks Ampitheatre

Question: 7/18Pick the correct answer!

What is Long Island Sound?
A band
A bar
An estuary

Question: 8/18Pick the correct answer!

Is Long Island an island?
No- a peninsula
I don't know
Yes, its in the name!

Question: 9/18Pick the correct answer!

On Long Island, there's a building shaped like a:

Question: 10/18Pick the correct answer!

Which classic East Coast restaurant chain is a go-to for ice cream?

Question: 11/18Pick the correct answer!

What celebrity has a bike shop on Long Island?
George Michael
Elton John
Billy Joel

Question: 12/18Pick the correct answer!

What would you not find on a burger in Long Island?

Question: 13/18Pick the correct answer!

What's the most common go-to breakfast item in Long Island?
French Toast

Question: 14/18Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following is NOT a Long Island staple?

Question: 15/18Pick the correct answer!

How many bridges connect Long Island to other boroughs?

Question: 16/18Pick the correct answer!

Is Brooklyn part of Long Island?
Technically, but no one considers it to be Long Island
It's all the same
No, it's no where near it

Question: 17/18Pick the correct answer!

Everyone knows about Long Island Iced Tea, but only a local knows about:
Blue Point Beer
Natty Light Hampton Edition
Bud Light L.I. Brew

Question: 18/18Pick the correct answer!

Which classic novel takes place in Long Island and New York?
To Kill A Mockingbird
The Great Gatsby
Pride and Prejudice
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