Only True Southerners Can Name All 20 Of These Dishes. Can YOU?

Pass me a fork!

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 Dec 05, 2019
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Question: 1/20Guess the southern dish!

This main course is made by battering chicken in flour and seasonings.
Fried chicken
Chicken parmesan
Chicken vesuvio

Question: 2/20Guess the southern dish!

This is a breakfast staple made from corn.

Question: 3/20Guess the southern dish!

This Louisiana stew is filled with crayfish and shrimp.
Beef stew
Chicken noodle soup

Question: 4/20Guess the southern dish!

This dessert is made with its namesake nut and a whole lot of sugar.
Walnut tart
Pecan pie
Chocolate cake

Question: 5/20Guess the southern dish!

What do you call the deep fried dough balls often served as a side dish?
Cream puffs

Question: 6/20Guess the southern dish!

This simple green side dish is a staple for a southern dinner.
Green beans

Question: 7/20Guess the southern dish!

This famous dessert is soaked in caramel and served warm.
Lemon poppyseed bread
Chocolate chip cookies
Bread pudding

Question: 8/20Guess the southern dish!

This popular breakfast is smothered in creamy gravy.
Biscuits and gravy
Eggs Benedict

Question: 9/20Guess the southern dish!

This New Orleans sandwich is filled with meat and served on a french baguette.
Po' boy

Question: 10/20Guess the southern dish!

This Louisiana dish is made with meat, seafood and seasoned rice.
Orange chicken
Spagetti and meatballs

Question: 11/20Guess the southern dish!

This yellow bread is popular at a southern barbecue.

Question: 12/20Guess the southern dish!

This famous side dish is made using left over ham hock to cut the bitter taste.
Cesar salad
Collard greens

Question: 13/20Guess the southern dish!

This Virginia classic is made with boiled meat and dough.
Chicken and dumplings
Beef stew
Chicken pot pie

Question: 14/20Guess the southern dish!

This staple drink is the perfect refreshment for a southern dinner.
Sweet tea
Arnold Palmer

Question: 15/20Guess the southern dish!

This meal is also known as Carolina Peas and Rice.
Hoppin' John

Question: 16/20Guess the southern dish!

What kind of fish is most commonly eaten in the South?

Question: 17/20Guess the southern dish!

Chicken Fried _______

Question: 18/20Guess the southern dish!

This dish is made with hard boiled eggs, mayo and mustard.
Shirred eggs
Deviled eggs

Question: 19/20Guess the southern dish!

This popular meal features both salty and sweet components.
Bacon & pineapple
Chicken & waffles
Steak & croissants

Question: 20/20Guess the southern dish!

Fried Green _______ are a delicious Southern meal as well as a popular movie.
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