How Rare is Your Personality Really? These 16 Questions Reveal All

Do you go against the grain?

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 Feb 07, 2019
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What is a word that describes you best?

Question: 2/16Pick your answer!

What animal are you drawn to?

Question: 3/16Pick your answer!

Where is your dream vacation?
Where my family is from.
Backpacking across Europe.
An all inclusive resort, where all the drinks are free!

Question: 4/16Pick your answer!

How do you show someone that you love them?
I tell them with words.
I am very affectionate.
I do nice things for them.

Question: 5/16Pick your answer!

What is your drink of choice?

Question: 6/16Pick your answer!

Favorite season?

Question: 7/16Pick your answer!

What is the most important?

Question: 8/16Pick your answer!

How do you handle a disagreement?
I have my argument with evidence to back me up.
I avoid it, I may cry.
I get angry and may yell.

Question: 9/16Pick your answer!

What do you consider your biggest character flaw?
I don't think ahead.
I'm emotional.
I'm stubborn.

Question: 10/16Pick your answer!

Do you often think of past embarrassing moments?
No, never.
I do when they first happen, but not after that.
A lot of the time, they keep me up at night.

Question: 11/16Pick your answer!

What is difficult for you?
Talking to people in general.
Not listening to gossip.
Trusting people.

Question: 12/16Pick your answer!

Choose an instrument.

Question: 13/16Pick your answer!

What did you get in trouble for as a child?
Starting fights
Playing pranks.
Reading ahead or falling asleep in class.

Question: 14/16Pick your answer!

Choose a color.

Question: 15/16Pick your answer!

Describe yourself in a storm.

Question: 16/16Pick your answer!

Would you ever live your life over again?
Yes, I can learn so much more.
Yes, some parts I would love to live over.
No, I'm not doing that again.
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