Quiz: Sew, You're A Quilter? Answer 16 Questions For Your Quilting IQ

Test your quilting knowledge!

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 Nov 19, 2017
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Which is NOT a real stitch?
Running stitch.
Twenty-two skidoo stitch.

Question: 2/16Pick your answer!

In 1889, ____ introduced the home electric sewing machine.

Question: 3/16Pick your answer!

Ironically, it's bad luck to sew this shape into a wedding quilt.

Question: 4/16Pick your answer!

If you make a mistake, what tool do you need?
Tissues, sewing is hard and I will cry.
Seam ripper

Question: 5/16Pick your answer!

What do you call the stuffing inside of a quilt?
The Warm Maker (Trademarked)

Question: 6/16Pick your answer!

Don't laugh, but what do you call the not pointy end of a needle?
Needle's end.

Question: 7/16Pick your answer!

What does "PHD" mean to a quilter?
Potatoes: hot, delicious.
Project half done.
Project hue dark.

Question: 8/16Pick your answer!

How can you find the length of a yard?
Spread your arms out, fingertip to fingertip.
The length of your shorter leg.
The length from your nose to your fingertips.

Question: 9/16Pick your answer!

What does the "hand" of the fabric mean?
How thick it looks.
If it is soft or not.

Question: 10/16Pick your answer!

When should you replace your needle on your sewing machine?
If it breaks.
After six hours of continuous use.
...You can change the needle?

Question: 11/16Pick your answer!

What stitch is commonly used for a hem?
Deaf stitch.
Blind stitch.
Zigzag stich.

Question: 12/16Pick your answer!

What can you sharpen your sewing scissors with?
Nothing, at that point they're ruined.
Fine grade sandpaper

Question: 13/16Pick your answer!

What can be found inside of a pin cushion?
Both of these can be inside a pin cushion.
Steel wool

Question: 14/16Pick your answer!

Why are pin cushions shaped like tomatoes?
People used tomatoes as the original voodoo dolls.
Tomatoes were originally used, but just too juicy.
Tomatoes were placed on mantels of new homes to ward off evil.

Question: 15/16Pick your answer!

What's a knit-picker?
A person who makes you feel bad about all of your faults.
Repairs snags without tearing the fabric.
Fixes fabric you've sewn the wrong direction.

Question: 16/16Pick your answer!

When should you replace your rotary cutter blade?
After each project.
Only if someone uses it as a pizza cutter.
When it starts to skip.
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