Quiz: Don't Call Yourself A Halloween Fan If You Can't Answer These 18 Qs

Amaze everyone with your scary knowledge of this "spookiest of spooky" holidays!

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 Oct 07, 2021
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Question: 1/18Choose Your Answer:

Halloween is also know by this spooky name.
Both are correct!
All Hallow's Eve
All Saint's Eve

Question: 2/18Choose Your Answer:

Which Country celebrates the "Day of the Dead" at midnight October Thirty-One?

Question: 3/18Choose Your Answer:

What color cat is a symbol of Halloween?

Question: 4/18Choose Your Answer:

What inspired the Jack-O-Lantern?
A folktale about a man called Stingy Jack
Michael Jackson's song Thriller
A candle maker named Jack

Question: 5/18Choose Your Answer:

Why did candy replace fruit and nuts given out to Trick or Treaters?
A fun adverting theme by candy companies
Willy Wonka instituted a new law
Children hate fruit and nuts

Question: 6/18Choose Your Answer:

What is the number one costume worn by adults?

Question: 7/18Choose Your Answer:

Which candy is America's favorite?
Reese's peanut butter cups

Question: 8/18Choose Your Answer:

Which candy is America's least favorite?
Candy Corn
Black licorice

Question: 9/18Choose Your Answer:

The most successful horror movie of all time is ___.

Question: 10/18Choose Your Answer:

Which famous person died on Halloween in the 1920's?
Adolph Hitler
Harry Houdini
Captain Jack Sparrow

Question: 11/18Choose Your Answer:

Why did people originally play "bobbing for apples" at parties?
To punish people without great costumes
To determine who had the largest mouth
To see who would marry first

Question: 12/18Choose Your Answer:

What do American's spend the most money on for Halloween?
Costumes for pets

Question: 13/18Choose Your Answer:

What spooky chant do Halloween witches say?
"Double, double, toil and trouble"
"Off with your head!"
"Bubble, bubble, stew and stubble"

Question: 14/18Choose Your Answer:

Which state produces the most pumpkins?
South Carolina

Question: 15/18Choose Your Answer:

Which political mask was the most popular for Halloween in 2016?
Donald Trump
Abraham Lincoln
Hillary Clinton

Question: 16/18Choose Your Answer:

The most popular costume for a dog is a ___.
Hot dog

Question: 17/18Choose Your Answer:

Which character does Charlie Brown and his friend Linus wait for on Halloween?
The Great Pumpkin
A Ghost
The Wicked Witch

Question: 18/18Choose Your Answer:

Pumpkins are ___.
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If you can answer all these questions without a BOO, you probably have your Halloween costume already picked out! No scary questions can scare you!!

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