Idaho Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

Do you know Idaho as well as you think you do? Prove it.

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 Nov 03, 2019
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Question: 1/20Choose your answer!

Idaho is the state of _______.

Question: 2/20Choose your answer!

Besides potatoes, what else is commonly grown in Idaho?

Question: 3/20Choose your answer!

Which of these is a popular fried finger food in Idaho?
Finger steaks
Pigs in a blanket
Fried okra nuggets

Question: 4/20Choose your answer!

The Albertsons Stadium blue field is also famously known as what?
Ocean Field
Smurf Turf
The Big Blue

Question: 5/20Choose your answer!

What city is Idaho State University located in?
Idaho Falls

Question: 6/20Choose your answer!

On New Year's Eve, Idaho drops what instead of a ball?
A giant bucket of water
A giant rock
A giant potato

Question: 7/20Choose your answer!

What do you call a thin stream of water?
A zip
A crick
A strip

Question: 8/20Choose your answer!

Forget about cherry pie, in Idaho you best order a ___________ one.
Marion berry
Bumble berry

Question: 9/20Choose your answer!

Which team do most Idahoans root for?
The Cavs
The Vandals
The Falcons

Question: 10/20True or False?

Idaho's famous hot springs are located in Shoshone Falls.

Question: 11/20Choose your answer!

You might just find some fun, painted rocks in which Idaho city?
Coeur d'Alene

Question: 12/20Choose your answer!

What is the "banana belt"?
The Treasure Valley
The Waipio Valley
The Hunza Valley

Question: 13/20Choose your answer!

Idahoans are lucky to have an amazing view of ________ at night.
The stars

Question: 14/20Choose your answer!

It's not uncommon for which of these to sometimes cause a traffic jam?
A golf cart
A zamboni
Cattle crossing

Question: 15/20Choose your answer!

What in the world is a "whistle pig"?
An ex-boyfriend
A ground squirrel
A person who can't drive

Question: 16/20Choose your answer!

Fry sauce perfectly combines:
Mustard and ketchup
Ketchup and mayo
Mustard and mayo

Question: 17/20True or False?

Idaho is located in the Midwest.

Question: 18/20Choose your answer!

If your dad is worried about "varmints" getting at the cat, he's worried about _______

Question: 19/20Choose your answer!

What do you call the compartment in front of the passenger seat in a car?
The ice box
The jockey box
The hockey box

Question: 20/20Choose your answer!

Idaho is called the _____ State and it's clear to see why!
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