How Hard Did You Fall for Netflix's "Love Hard" Movie This Holiday Season?

Catfish disaster orrrr... ?

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via Netflix
 Nov 11, 2021
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Question: 1/22Pick One:

What does the plot of the movie revolve around?
Modern Online Dating

Question: 2/22Pick One:

Natalie does what for a living?
An on-air personality
A writer for Disaster Date Column
A reporter for NBC

Question: 3/22Pick One:

Her column goes under the pseudonym '___'.
Always A Bridesmaid
Galentine's forever
You Should Have Put A Ring On It

Question: 4/22Pick One:

"People love that she can't find ___"

Question: 5/22Pick One:

Natalie is allergic to what fruit?

Question: 6/22Pick One:

What's Nat's favorite Christmas movie?
The Holiday
Men In Black
Die Hard

Question: 7/22Pick One:

How Did Natalie and Josh meet?
Online dating
In person
Friend of a friend

Question: 8/22Pick One:

Natalie flew from ___ to ___ to meet Josh.
Miami, FL > Union, CT
New Orleans, LA > Philadelphia, PA
Los Angles, CA > Lake Placid, NY

Question: 9/22Pick One:

True or False: The baggage claim clerk, Lyft and Uber driver are all the same person.

Question: 10/22Pick One:

After arriving, Natalie realizes that she has been ___.

Question: 11/22Pick One:

The real Josh is named ___.

Question: 12/22Pick One:

While singing karaoke to gain Tag's attention, Natalie has ____.
A family emergency
An injury due to falling
An allergic reaction to kiwi

Question: 13/22Pick One:

Tag loves ___ but Natalie is afraid of ___.
Swimming, open waters
Rock climbing, heights
Mudding, bugs

Question: 14/22Pick One:

What entrepreneurial company is Josh trying to create?
Candle Making
Gift Wrapping

Question: 15/22Pick One:

True or False: Josh's older brother is single and introverted.

Question: 16/22Pick One:

Natalie and Josh change the lyrics to which famous Christmas song?
Baby It's Cold Outside
Jingle Bell Rock
A Holly Jolly Christmas

Question: 17/22Pick One:

Josh ___ to outshine his brother.
Breaks up with Natalie
Proposes to Natalie
Tells the truth about Natalie

Question: 18/22Pick One:

True or False: Natalie smokes before going bobsledding with Tag.

Question: 19/22Pick One:

After Nat's date with Tag, the night ends with a ____.
Awkward goodbye

Question: 20/22Pick One:

To write her column, where does Natalie hide away?
She flew back to Los Angeles
A hotel room
Stayed in Josh's bedroom

Question: 21/22Pick One:

At the end, what holiday movie inspired the love scene between Josh and Natalie?
Love Actually
The Grinch

Question: 22/22Pick One:

True or False: The movie ends with a single kiss
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