International Women's Day Quiz: Can You Name All These Influential Women?

"Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them."

Nina Simone, princess diana, diana
Nina Simone via Netflix/Princess Diana taken by Russ Quinlan via Flickr
 Mar 08, 2020
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Question: 1/50Name this woman!
Meryl Streep
Hilary Clinton
Jackie Kennedy

Question: 2/50Name this woman!

elizabeth taylor
Marian Hayes
Mary Walters
Elizabeth Taylor

Question: 3/50Name this woman!

Google Images
Michelle Obama
Susan B. Anthony

Question: 4/50Name this woman!
Giada de Laurentiis
Helen Keller
Anne Frank

Question: 5/50Name this woman!

Tina Turner

Question: 6/50Name this woman!

Susan B Anthony
Rosa Parks
Susan B. Anthony
Lucille Ball

Question: 7/50Name this woman!

Hilary Clinton, politicians, Female, politics, celebs
Susan Nero
Hillary Clinton
Ivanka Trump

Question: 8/50Name this woman!

abigail adams
Maria Shriver
Abigail Adams
Winona Ryder

Question: 9/50Name this woman!

Shirley Temple, old hollywood, celebs
Shirley Temple
Annie Hall
Miley Cyrus

Question: 10/50Name this woman!

Sandra Day O'connor
Rosie O'Donnell
Angela Lansbury
Sandra Day O' Connor

Question: 11/50Name this woman!

Helen Keller
Anne of Green Gables
Helen Keller
Marie Antoinette

Question: 12/50Name this woman!

Rosa Parks
Marcia Clark
Rosa Parks
J.K Rowling

Question: 13/50Name this woman!

billie jean king
Billie Jean King
Anna Kournikova
Alison Janney

Question: 14/50Name this woman!

oprah, wisdom, history, quotes, culture, politics, movies/tv, career
Gayle King

Question: 15/50Name this woman!

frances perkins
Maria Sharapova
Diane Feinstein
Frances Perkins

Question: 16/50Name this woman!

sally ride
Betty Ford
Sally Ride
Carly Fiorina

Question: 17/50Name this woman!
Eleanor Roosevelt
Jeannette Rankin
Alice Paul

Question: 18/50Name this woman!

Billie Holiday, history, singer, celebs, pop culture
Wikimedia Commons
Billie Holiday

Question: 19/50Name this woman!

wilma rudolph
Billie Jean King
Venus Williams
Wilma Rudolph

Question: 20/50Name this woman!

amelia earhart
Wikimedia Commons
Portia de Rossi
Sally Ride
Amelia Earhart

Question: 21/50Name this woman!

Alfred Hitchcock, grace kelly, Rear Window, movies/tv, celebs
Paramount Pictures
Ava Gardner
Grace Kelly
Tricia Alton

Question: 22/50Name this woman!

Margaret Sanger
Anna Wintour
Sally Fields
Margaret Sanger

Question: 23/50Name this woman!

audrey hepburn, old hollywood, celebs
Audrey Hepburn
Sophia Loren
Ingrid Bergman

Question: 24/50Name this woman!

gloria steinem
Wikimedia Commons
Lisa Lopez
Gloria Steinem
Sarah Schwartz

Question: 25/50Name this woman!

princess diana
ABC News
Frida Kahlo
Grace Kelly
Princess Diana

Question: 26/50Name this woman!

katherine hepburn, actress, oldie
Katharine Hepburn
Bette Davis
Ingrid Bergman

Question: 27/50Name this woman!

Nina Simone
Nina Simone
Carly Rae Jepsen

Question: 28/50Name this woman!

harry potter, jk rowling, hogwarts, houses, slytherin, gryffindor, ravenclaw, hufflepuff
Amelia Earhart
J.K. Rowling
Jennifer Garner

Question: 29/50Name this woman!
Princess Diana
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Victoria II

Question: 30/50Name this woman!

yoko ono
Priyanka Chopra
Maggie Q
Yoko Ono

Question: 31/50Name this woman!

harriet tubman, Slavery, underground railroad, culture
Wikimedia Commons
Harriet Tubman
Sojourner Truth
Wanda Sykes

Question: 32/50Name this woman!

Aretha Franklin, queen of soul, celebs, Music
Paula Abdul
Aretha Franklin
Tina Turner

Question: 33/50Name this woman!

lucille ball, old hollywood, celebs
Patty Smith
Kim Barnes
Lucille Ball

Question: 34/50Name this woman!

Wikimedia Commons
Susan B. Anthony
Joan of Arc

Question: 35/50Name this woman!

madeleine albright
Nancy Crossman
Sophia Turner
Madeleine Albright

Question: 36/50Name this woman!

louisa may alcott
Joan of Arc
Mary Magdalene
Louisa May Alcott

Question: 37/50Name this woman!

Mother Teresa
Joan of Arc
Mother Theresa
Christie Brinkley

Question: 38/50Name this woman!

Columbia Pictures
Ingrid Bergman
Denise Richards
Eva Longoria

Question: 39/50Name this woman!

margaret thatcher
Wikimedia Commons
Martha Washington
Margaret Thatcher
Meryl Streep

Question: 40/50Name this woman!

Mary Poppins, Disney
Walt Disney Productions
Julie Andrews
Christiane Amanpour
Sylvia Plath

Question: 41/50Name this woman!

fashion, culture
Patricia Lee
Kelly Ly
Coco Chanel

Question: 42/50Name this woman!

jane goodal
Nancy Reagan
Diane Feinstein
Jane Goodall

Question: 43/50Name this woman!

betty white, celebs
Betty Davis
Bette Middler
Betty White

Question: 44/50Name this woman!

ruth bader ginsburg
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Barbara Franklin
Gabrielle Giffords

Question: 45/50Name this woman!

Marie Antoinette
Wikimedia Commons
Erin Andrews
Marie Antoinette
Queen Victoria

Question: 46/50Name this woman!

movies/tv, celebs
Meryl Streep
Carmen Elektra
Agnes Woodbury

Question: 47/50Name this woman!

serena williams, sports, tennis
Serena Williams
Lisa Leslie
Missy Franklin

Question: 48/50Name this woman!
Rachel Green
Amy Adams
Marie Curie

Question: 49/50Name this woman!

Maya Angelou
Oprah Winfrey
Whoopi Goldberg
Maya Angelou

Question: 50/50Name this woman!
Audrey Hepburn
Ingrid Bergman
Marilyn Monroe
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Can you name all of the most influential female figures throughout history and today? Take this International Women's Day Quiz to find out how many women you can recognize! This fun women's quiz is both a quiz for girl's and a quiz for men as well! What are you waiting for? Show your support for International Women's day and take this women Quiz!