Quiz: Only 1 Out Of 100 People Can Understand These 17 College Level Terms

How advanced is your vernacular? Is your jargon up to snuff? If you know the meaning of every single one of these advanced English words, you probably have a PhD!

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 Oct 28, 2017
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Question: 1/17Define the capitalized term!

The President's speech contained fiery political RHETORIC.
Persuasive language

Question: 2/17Define the capitalized term!

I LOATHE bitter vegetables.

Question: 3/17Define the capitalized term!

The cultures' JARGON was unfamiliar to me.
Native clothing

Question: 4/17Define the capitalized term!

SOCIOLOGY has made some significant discoveries in the world of human trafficking.
The study of animals
The study of society

Question: 5/17Define the capitalized term!

Try not to be too GULLIBLE.
Easily persuaded
Quick witted

Question: 6/17Define the capitalized term!

My therapist told me to CARPE DIEM.
Remain calm
Seize the day

Question: 7/17Define the capitalized term!

A FILIBUSTER at the end of the council meeting made us all stay late.
Deliberately long speech
Impromptu party

Question: 8/17Define the capitalized term!

The judge said it was the most EGREGIOUS act he had ever seen!
Outstandingly bad

Question: 9/17Define the capitalized term!

The FOLIAGE is quite beautiful this time of year.
Plant leaves

Question: 10/17Define the capitalized term!

I have QUALMS about the effectiveness of the technology.

Question: 11/17Define the capitalized term!

The prizes are CONTINGENT on the results.
A reward
Dependent on something

Question: 12/17Define the capitalized term!

During the winter time I feel extra BENEVOLENT.

Question: 13/17Define the capitalized term!

The symptoms were too SPORADIC to keep track of.

Question: 14/17Define the capitalized term!

High heels are the BANE of my existence.
Cause of joy
Cause of misery

Question: 15/17Define the capitalized term!

The end of the movie had me feeling JOVIAL!

Question: 16/17Define the capitalized term!

It looks like we are in quite the CONUNDRUM.

Question: 17/17Define the capitalized term!

The love in the air was absolutely PALPABLE.
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