Quiz: Can You Decipher The Meaning Of These 16 Shakespearean Phrases?

Do you have a quatch-buttocks?

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 Nov 17, 2017
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Question: 1/16What does this mean?

A morning meal
Horse Spurs

Question: 2/16What does this mean?

A type of clothing
Insolent language

Question: 3/16What does this mean?

A male hawk
a roll of cloth

Question: 4/16What does this mean?

to fight back
to betray

Question: 5/16What does this mean?

a tiring journey
An insult

Question: 6/16What does this mean?

To put under a spell
deer testicles

Question: 7/16What does this mean?


Question: 8/16What does this mean?

to shout

Question: 9/16What does this mean?

Big butt
Men's underwear
frightening experience

Question: 10/16What does this mean?


Question: 11/16What does this mean?

Set my teach on edge
To start something
Starting to get a cold

Question: 12/16What does this mean?

Heart of Gold
To smell bad
Kind and generous

Question: 13/16What does this mean?

Lie low
a difficult situation
stay out of sight
get out of there

Question: 14/16What does this mean?

Full circle
come back to where we began
Full stomach

Question: 15/16What does this mean?

Blind love
loving whatever, regardless
blind old lady

Question: 16/16What does this mean?

'a fools paradise'
When one person thinks another is in love with them, and its not the case
A state of happiness based on false hope.
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"All that glitters is not gold." Are you a Shakespeare genius? Can you translate these most popular phrases into modern English? "Et tu, Brute!" Let's see if you can ace this 16 question Shakespeare popular phrases quiz!

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