True Or False Challenge: Chicago Edition [QUIZ]

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 Nov 09, 2017
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Question: 1/15Pick one!

If you're going to Portillos, you most likely are going to get ______ ?
Cheese fry and a shake!
A Salad

Question: 2/15Pick one!

Which music festival is held in Chicago?
Outside Lands

Question: 3/15Pick one!

What's the nickname for Downtown Chicago?
The Loop
Chi-Town Down
City District

Question: 4/15Pick one!

The Chicago Blackhawks play which sport?

Question: 5/15Pick one!

The subway is called _______?
The Sub
The Metra

Question: 6/15Pick one!

As a Chicagoan, 30-50 degrees outside is considered ________ temperature.
crazy hot
not too bad

Question: 7/15Pick one!

Most people celebrate St. Patties day at ______________ ?
The bean
The Loop
The Green River

Question: 8/15Pick one!

You can describe Chicago pizza as ___________ ?
big and fluffy
deep dish
flat and thin

Question: 9/15Pick one!

The Willis Tower used to be called ________ ?
Sears Tower
Bull's Tower
The Trump Tower

Question: 10/15Pick one!

Chicago got it's nickname, The Windy City, from __________ ?
The amount of gas everyone passes
The wild political history of the city
The crazy amount of wind it gets

Question: 11/15Pick one!

A chicago native would be LEAST likely to put which condiment on their hot dog?

Question: 12/15Pick one!

The Chicago Cubs had a decade long year long curse called:
The Dead Man
The Wooden Arm
The Billy Goat Curse

Question: 13/15Pick one!

You call the shoes you wear to work out in ____________ .
Gym shoes
tennis shoes

Question: 14/15Pick one!

Soda is actually called:
A Sparkler

Question: 15/15Pick one!

How many stars are on the city's flag?
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