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little house on the prairie
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 Sep 21, 2017
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Question: 1/20Choose one:

Almanzo and Laura adopted his brother Royal's daughter. What was her name?
Jenny Wilder
Kelly Wilder
Penny Wilder

Question: 2/20Choose one:

The Ingalls, Garveys and Olesons moved to _______ when times got hard.
San Francisco

Question: 3/20Choose one:

Where do Laura and Almanzo get married?
At Laura's old school yard
At the Blind School in Sleepyeye
At a picnic on the Ingalls' property

Question: 4/20Choose one:

The Olesons owned the ___________
Feed and Seed
whole town

Question: 5/20Choose one:

Almonzo finally falls in love with Laura when he see's her ______.
As a school teacher
As a mother
Riding a horse

Question: 6/20Choose one:

Who were the adopted members of the Ingalls family?
Grace, James and Carrie
Albert, James and Cassandra
Albert, Grace and James

Question: 7/20Choose one:

What was Mr. Edwards' favorite song?
“99 Bottles of Beer”
“Ole Dan Tucker”
“Zippety Doo Dah”

Question: 8/20Choose one:

________ accidentally burns down the blind school and ________ die
Andy, a blind girl and Mary’s baby
Albert, Alice Garvey and Mary’s baby
Willie, Mary and her baby

Question: 9/20Choose one:

What does Nellie Oleson get after graduation?
A horse
A house
A restaurant

Question: 10/20Choose one:

Charles Ingalls always wanted a _____.

Question: 11/20Choose one:

What did Nellie say to Laura when Albert called Charles "Pa?"
"Half the time, you don't even SMELL like a girl!"
“How do you know he's not a lying thief who is fooling you all?”
"Well, Laura, your father always wanted a son. Now, he has one!"

Question: 12/20Choose one:

"_____ is the nicest word there is." - Laura Ingalls Wilder

Question: 13/20Choose one:

How did Mary go blind?
She was born blind
She was kicked in the head by a horse
Scarlet Fever

Question: 14/20Choose one:

What was a positive outcome of Mary going blind?
She married Adam Kendall and was a good teacher for the blind
She mastered life as a blind person and was a good role model
She discovered humility which made her more accepting

Question: 15/20Choose one:

Who is always running to the outhouse or standing in the corner?
Willie Oleson
Andrew Garvey
Albert Ingalls

Question: 16/20Choose one:

Laura's nickname for Almanzo was "_____" and his name for her was "_____".
Huck, Loo
Manly, Beth
Adam, Eve

Question: 17/20Choose one:

What sacrifice does Laura make to give her family Christmas gifts?
Sells her beloved horse Bunny to Mr. Oleson
Skips school for a month to sew for Mrs. Whipple
Sells her hair to a wig maker

Question: 18/20True or False?

Laura Ingalls (Melissa Gilbert) and Willie Olsen (Jonathan Gilbert) are adopted brother and sister in real-life.

Question: 19/20Choose one:

Who is Laura's frenemy?
Adam Kendall
Willie Oleson

Question: 20/20Choose one:

The Ingalls were always happy helping Pa play the _______.
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