Only Day 1 Fans Can Ace This Quiz All About the BFFs of Grey's. Can You?

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 Sep 26, 2021
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Question: 1/17True or False:

Cristina Yang’s “bestie” at the Mayo Clinic Minnesota is Dr. Craig Thomas.

Question: 2/17Pick your answer!

After Cristina Yang moved to Switzerland, who became Meredith’s person?
Maggie Pierce
Alex Karev
Richard Webber

Question: 3/17Pick your answer!

Who was Derek Shepherd’s “high school” best friend?
Mark Sloan
Addison Montgomery
Sam Bennett

Question: 4/17Fill in the Blank!

George O’Malley and _____ quickly became best friends in season one.
Cristina Yang
Izzie Stevens
Meredith Grey

Question: 5/17Pick your answer!

Who was Jackson Avery’s “bestie” that transferred with him from Mercy West?
Reed Adamson
Charles Percy
Ben Warren

Question: 6/17Pick your answer!

Which two best friends have a daughter named Sofia?
Mark Sloan and Callie Torres
Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey
Callie Torres and George O’Malley

Question: 7/17Pick your answer!

Which one of Meredith’s best friends wanted “Waffle Sunday’s?”
Alex Karev
Maggie Pierce
Cristina Yang

Question: 8/17Pick your answer!

They formed the “Plastics Posse” and quickly became best friends.
Jackson Avery and Ben Warren
Mark Sloan and Ben Warren
Mark Sloan and Jackson Avery

Question: 9/17Pick your answer!

These two were besties in the Army, now they have a daughter named Allison.
Teddy Altman and Owen Hunt
Nathan Riggs and Teddy Altman
Owen Hunt and Amelia Shepherd

Question: 10/17Pick your answer!

After these two best friends hooked up, their friendship became super awkward.
Izzie Stevens and Alex Karev
George O’Malley and Izzie Stevens
George O’Malley and Nurse Olivia

Question: 11/17Fill in the Blank!

During Lexie Grey’s intern year, she was besties with _____.
Alex Karev
Mark Sloan
George O’Malley

Question: 12/17Pick your answer!

This “bestie relationship” was born while inebriated in a supply closet during the Grey’s Anatomy Gala episode.
Arizona Robbins and Cristina Yang
April Kepner and Arizona Robbins
April Kepner and Leah Murphy

Question: 13/17Pick your answer!

These two were best friends long before they got married, (then divorced).
Catherine Fox and Richard Webber
Jackson Avery and April Kepner
Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey

Question: 14/17Pick your answer!

She was a single lady who needed a wingman, and he loved trivia night. Who are they?
Lexie Grey and Alex Karev
Callie Torres and Mark Sloan
Arizona Robbins and Richard Webber

Question: 15/17Pick your answer!

He’s been her mentor and friend since season one.
Richard Webber and Miranda Bailey
Richard Webber and Maggie Pierce
Richard Webber and Lexie Grey

Question: 16/17Pick your answer!

She saved his life and he took her fishing to help her overcome her PTSD.
Derek Shepherd and Cristina Yang
Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey
Alex Karev and Cristina Yang

Question: 17/17Pick your answer!

These two best friends started as interns in season fourteen; their nicknames are Glasses and Hellmouth.
Taryn Helm and Casey Parker
Levi Schmitt and Dahlia Qadri
Levi Schmitt and Taryn Helm
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