Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Can You Recognize These Common Dishes?

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 Aug 22, 2021
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Question: 1/19What is this yummy southern breakfast food?
Biscuits and jelly
Biscuits and eggs
Biscuits and gravy

Question: 2/19New Orleans is known for this delish dish; what is it?
Shrimp and grits
Shrimp and mashed potatoes
Fish and grits

Question: 3/19This is Maine’s signature food; what is it?

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Crab claws

Question: 4/19The main ingredients are corned beef and cabbage; what is it?
Ham and onion sandwich
Reuben sandwich
Club sandwich

Question: 5/19The majority of Americans LOVE this sandwich; what is it?
Cheeseburger and fries
Bacon cheeseburger and fries

Question: 6/19Backyard BBQ’s aren’t complete without this item; what is it?
BBQ ribs
BBQ ham hocks
BBQ sausage

Question: 7/19Served as an appetizer or the main course; what are these?
Buffalo chicken wings
Grilled chicken nuggets
Fried chicken legs

Question: 8/19This New Orleans cuisine is a culinary staple; what is it?
Ham and bacon soup

Question: 9/19Thanksgiving is complete with this bird and side dish; what are they?
Turkey and roasted vegetables
Steak and vegetables
Ham and roasted vegetables

Question: 10/19Chesapeake Bay is known for these iconic delights; what are they?
Crab cakes
Potato cakes
Hash brown patties

Question: 11/19Texans love this southern dish; what is it?
Chicken fried steak with gravy and mashed potatoes
Fried fish and mashed potatoes
Fried chicken and mashed potatoes

Question: 12/19A staple of Philadelphia; thinly sliced ribeye makes it delish! What is it?
Loaded Italian sandwich
Philly cheesesteak
Reuben sandwich

Question: 13/19Key ingredients are clams, potatoes and onions; what is it?
Clam chowder
Bacon and potato soup
Potato soup

Question: 14/19This specialty toast originated in Australia; what is it?
Sweet pea toast
Key lime toast
Avocado toast

Question: 15/19This delish dish can be served at breakfast, lunch or dinner; what is it?
Chicken and pancakes
Chicken and waffles
Chicken and toast

Question: 16/19Add cheese to these to make them even more tasty!

Question: 17/19When you visit Chicago, you should definitely get a slice; what is it?
Chicken casserole
Deep dish pizza

Question: 18/19It’s one of the most popular Asian takeout dishes; what is it?
General Tso's chicken
Chicken and egg rolls
Sweet and sour chicken

Question: 19/19One can never get enough of this deep-fried burritos; what are they?
Grilled steak tacos
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