Quiz: Only Diehard Grey's Fans Can Score 15/17 on This Ben & Bailey Quiz

Grey’s Power Couple 👏👏

Bailey and ben dancing at their wedding grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
 Dec 12, 2021
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Question: 1/17Pick your answer!

Who was dating Miranda when Ben wanted to get back together with her?
Richard Webber
Nurse Eli
Nurse Tyler

Question: 2/17Fill in the Blank!

Miranda and Ben honeymooned in the _____.
Virgin Islands
Sahara Desert

Question: 3/17Pick your answer!

What nickname did Miranda give to Ben?
The Gas Man

Question: 4/17Fill in the Blank!

Miranda asked Ben for a _____ from their marriage.
2 year break

Question: 5/17Who was NOT a bridesmaid:

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Meredith Grey
Arizona Robbins
Callie Torres

Question: 6/17Fill in the Blank!

Ben Warren told _____ about Miranda’s OCD.
Winston Ndugu
Derek Shepherd
Jackson Avery

Question: 7/17Pick your answer!

What was Ben doing the day of the hospital shooting?
He was home
Playing golf
He was at the hospital with Miranda

Question: 8/17Fill in the Blank!

Ben proposed to Miranda with a ______.
Sky writing
Crossword puzzle
Flash mob

Question: 9/17Pick your answer!

Why did Miranda put Ben on probation?
He operated on a pregnant lady without proper consent and proper equipment
He was late for work 10 times in a row
He kept talking back to his attendees

Question: 10/17Fill in the Blank!

Ben and Miranda are currently fostering a child named _____.

Question: 11/17Pick your answer!

Who dies during Ben and Miranda’s wedding?
Heather Brooks
Adele Webber
Ellis Grey

Question: 12/17Who is Miranda Bailey’s Maid of Honor?

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Teddy Altman
Meredith Grey
Callie Torres

Question: 13/17Pick your answer!

How long did Ben wait before asking Miranda to move in with him?
2 weeks
6 months
2 years

Question: 14/17Fill in the Blank!

Miranda told Ben that when she is scared she _____.

Question: 15/17Fill in the Blank!

Ben built Miranda a _____ in their backyard.
Swing set
Swimming pool

Question: 16/17True or False:

Ben Warren has always been faithful to Miranda Bailey.

Question: 17/17Fill in the Blank!

When Tuck got his first girlfriend, Ben talked to him about respect and _____.
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