Grey's Fans, Can You Ace This Ultimate BokHee Appreciation Quiz?

America’s Favorite Scrub Nurse, Bokhee ❤️

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
 Sep 05, 2021
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Question: 1/17Fill in the Blank!

Bohkee is a _____ in real life.
Scrub nurse
Administrative Assistant

Question: 2/17True or False:

Bokhee has never spoken one word on Grey’s Anatomy.

Question: 3/17Fill in the Blank!

Bokhee’s “real life” name is _____.
Debbie Allan
Bokhee Grey
Kathy C. An

Question: 4/17True or False:

Bokhee appeared in the very first episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Question: 5/17Pick your answer!

What did Bokhee call Meredith Grey?
The Scarlet Witch
Captain Marvel
Wonder Woman

Question: 6/17Pick your answer!

Whose wedding did Bokhee attend?
Alex Karev and Jo Wilson
George O’Malley is Callie Torres
Catherine Fox and Richard Webber

Question: 7/17True or False:

BokHee has appeared in every season of Grey's Anatomy.

Question: 8/17Pick your answer!

Who did Bokhee bring to Catherine Fox’s dinner party?
Her husband
Her sister
Her daughter

Question: 9/17What does Bokhee tell her husband about Meredith and Andrew?

Grey’s Anatomy via ABC
She tells him Andrew works with Meredith
She tells him Andrew loves Meredith
She tells him Andrew got fired by Meredith

Question: 10/17True or False:

Bokhee was *temporarily* fired during the merger with Mercy West.

Question: 11/17Pick your answer!

What did Bokhee do when Dr. Bailey asked her if she bedazzles her vagina?
Dr. Bailey never asked Bokhee this question
She replied, “Yes, one time”
She rolled her eyes and looked away

Question: 12/17True or False:

Bokhee attended “the prom” in season two.

Question: 13/17Fill in the Blank!

Bokhee assisted _____ while she was operating on Derek during the shooting episode in season six.
Cristina Yang
Meredith Grey
Teddy Altman

Question: 14/17True or False:

Bokhee made an appearance at Joe’s bar in season four.

Question: 15/17Fill in the Blank!

Like _____, Bokhee stands on a stool during surgeries.
Miranda Bailey
Meredith Grey
Richard Webber

Question: 16/17Fill in the Blank!

Bokhee is most often seen in the _____.
On call room
Operating room

Question: 17/17True or False:

Bokhee is married.
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