Quiz: Only Diehard Grey's Fans Can Score 15/17 on This "Japril" Challenge

Even the things I don’t like, I love. —Jackson Avery

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 Dec 19, 2021
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Question: 1/17Where did April and Jackson transfer from?

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Dillard Medical Center
Mayo Clinic Minnesota
Mercy West Hospital

Question: 2/17True or False:

Jackson proposed to April with a flash mob.

Question: 3/17What did April and Jackson name their first child?

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Question: 4/17Pick your answer!

Who preformed a C-Section on April?
Owen Hunt
Ben Warren
Jackson Avery

Question: 5/17Whose wedding is Jackson interrupting?

Jackson Avery objecting April and Matthew's wedding grey's anatomy season 10
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Matthew Taylor and Ruby Taylor
Matthew Taylor and April Kepner
Matthew Taylor and Karen Taylor

Question: 6/17Fill in the Blank!

Jackson and April performed a risky surgery at a Catherine Fox hospital in _____.

Question: 7/17Fill in the Blank!

Jackson and April first hooked up at _____.
Joe’s bar bathroom
The oral boards
Meredith’s house

Question: 8/17Who did Jackson date after his marriage to April ended?

Jackson Avery Shirtless Changing In Locker Room Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Jo Wilson
Maggie Pierce
Lexie Grey

Question: 9/17True or False:

Jackson knew April was pregnant the day he signed the divorce papers.

Question: 10/17Catherine Fox was upset because _____.

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
April and Jackson got married secretly
April and Jackson got married and only invited Callie and Arizona
April and Jackson got married because she was pregnant

Question: 11/17When did Jackson say this to April?

Jackson Avery relationship quote
Grey's Anatomy via ABC/Women.com
At her bridal shower
During her wedding to Matthew Taylor
After she married Matthew Taylor

Question: 12/17True or False: Jackson visited April in season seventeen.

grey's anatomy, Season 14, Episode 300
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Question: 13/17Pick your answer!

Who was Jackson dating while April was dating Matthew Taylor?
Stephanie Edwards
Maggie Pierce
Jo Wilson

Question: 14/17Fill in the Blank!

When a bus exploded outside of the hospital, April thought Jackson might be _____.
Calling Catherine Fox
In the hospital

Question: 15/17Fill in the Blank!

After the bus explosion, April asked Jackson to give her a reason not to _____ Matthew Taylor.
Have children with
Break up with

Question: 16/17Fill in the Blank!

Their first child, Samual, had _____.
Diabetes type 2
Osteogenesis Imperfecta type 2

Question: 17/17Fill in the Blank!

After the death of Samuel, April left Jackson to go overseas with Owen to join the_____ .
Air Force
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