Grey's Anatomy Fans: Can You Pass This Quiz All About Owen's Exes?

Will Owen ever find true love?

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 May 16, 2021
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Question: 1/17Pick your Answer!

When Owen was having a PTSD dream, who did he choke in his sleep?
Amelia Shepard
Teddy Altman
Cristina Yang

Question: 2/17Pick your Answer!

Which engagement did Owen break off with a two line email?
Cristina Yang
Teddy Altman
Beth Whitman

Question: 3/17Pick your Answer!

Who did Owen marry in Meredith's house?
Cristina Yang
Beth Whitman
Teddy Altman

Question: 4/17Pick your Answer!

Who was Owen engaged to that previously lived in Germany?
Beth Whitman
Teddy Altman
Amelia Shepard

Question: 5/17Pick your Answer!

Who was Owen once married to who now lives in Switzerland?
Teddy Altman
Amelia Shepard
Cristina Yang

Question: 6/17Pick your Answer!

Who did Owen date (briefly) that he met at the Grey Sloan Memorial Gala?
Sydney Heron
Sadie Harris
Emma Marling

Question: 7/17Pick your Answer!

Which two doctors did Owen marry?
Cristina Yang and Amelia Shepard
Teddy Altman and Cristina Yang
Amelia Shepard and Teddy Altman

Question: 8/17Pick your answer!

Who does Owen have a biological daughter with?
Teddy Altman
Cristina Yang
Beth Whitman

Question: 9/17Pick your Answer!

Who was pregnant with Owen's baby but had an abortion?
Teddy Altman
Cristina Yang
Amelia Shepard

Question: 10/17Pick your Answer!

What did Owen remove from Cristina the first time they met?
A nail
An icicle
A fork

Question: 11/17Pick your Answer!

Cristina got mad at Owen when he accepts a job at Seattle Grace and forgets her _____.
Phone Number

Question: 12/17Pick your Answer!

Owen and Teddy have a daughter named _______.

Question: 13/17Pick your Answer!

Who did Owen date that was Italian?
Carina DeLuca
Taryn Helms
Stephanie Edwards

Question: 14/17Pick your Answer!

Where was Teddy living when Owen came for a visit?

Question: 15/17Pick your Answer!

What happened on Owen and Cristina’s first date?
They had a lovely date at a fancy restaurant
Owen cancelled the date at the last minute
Owen showed up to Cristina’s apartment drunk

Question: 16/17Pick your Answer!

Where was Owen and Cristina’s “secret spot” in the hospital?
The Cafeteria
The Vents
The Elevator

Question: 17/17Pick your Answer!

Why didn’t Teddy and Owen get married at the end of season 16?
Owen discovered Teddy was having an affair with Tom
Teddy called off the wedding
Owen reconciled with Cristina Yang
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