Quiz: Do You Remember All This Grey's Anatomy Trivia From Season 13?

If this were Derek, I’d already be gone. —Meredith Grey

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 Nov 21, 2021
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Question: 1/17Maggie’s mom is diagnosed with:


Question: 2/17Pick your answer!

Why can’t Jo Wilson marry Alex Karev?
She doesn’t love him
She is already married
She is in love with someone else

Question: 3/17Fill in the Blank!

Owen Hunt finds out his _____ is still alive.

Question: 4/17She is hired to revamp the residency program. Who is she?

Penny Blake
Eliza Minnick
Alana Cahill

Question: 5/17Pick your answer!

Where do April and Jackson travel to perform a surgery?

Question: 6/17Fill in the Blank!

Stephanie Edwards sets fire to a ______ in the hospital.

Question: 7/17Fill in the Blank!

Meredith Grey is promoted to _____ .
Head of Cardiology
Head of Trauma
Head of General Surgery

Question: 8/17Fill in the Blank!

Amelia Shepherd temporarily moves in with _____.
Leah Murphy
Stephanie Edwards
Jo Wilson

Question: 9/17What do April and Jackson name their daughter?

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Grey's Anaomy on ABC

Question: 10/17Pick your answer!

Who does Alex Karev assault?
Andrew Deluca
Paul Stadler
Nathan Riggs

Question: 11/17Pick your answer!

Who does Eliza Minnick date?
Leah Murphy
Carina Deluca
Arizona Robbins

Question: 12/17Pick your answer!

Who is Chief of Surgery in season thirteen?
Alex Karev
Miranda Bailey
Derek Shepherd

Question: 13/17Fill in the Blank!

Jackson Avery reconnects with his estranged _____.

Question: 14/17Who does Maggie Pierce have a secret crush on?

Alex Karev
Nathan Riggs
Owen Hunt

Question: 15/17Pick your answer!

What does Maggie continue to do after her mom passes away?
Sing to her
Paint her nails
Comb her hair

Question: 16/17Fill in the Blank!

Amelia and Owen have problems in their marriage because _____.
Amelia admits she doesn’t want children
Owen wants to reconcile with Cristina
Owen cheats on Amelia

Question: 17/17True or False:

Miranda Bailey fires Eliza Minnick.
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