Quiz: Do You Remember All This Grey's Anatomy Trivia From Season 6?

“I've barely lived. I'm not finished yet. No one's loved me yet. P... Please, please, I'm so... someone's child. I'm a person. I'm a person.” —April Kepner

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
 Sep 19, 2021
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Question: 1/17Who gives Gary Clark directions to the Chief’s office?

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Cristina Yang
Alex Karev
Reed Adamson

Question: 2/17Pick your answer!

Whose funeral do the doctors attend?
George O’Malley
Derek Shepherd
Lexie Grey

Question: 3/17What does Meredith give to her dad?

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Part of her kidney
Part of her bowel
Part of her liver

Question: 4/17True or False:

Izzie Stevens and April Kepner both get fired in season six.

Question: 5/17Who has a crush on Reed?

reed adamson grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Derek Shepherd
Jackson Avery
Charles Percy

Question: 6/17Pick your answer!

Whose patient wakes up during surgery because the anesthesia is too lite?
Derek Shepherd
Arizona Robbins
Miranda Bailey

Question: 7/17Whose tumor is this?


Question: 8/17Pick your answer!

Who has a famous grandfather that is admitted to the hospital?
Lexie Grey
Jackson Avery
Cristina Yang

Question: 9/17What is Owen suffering from?

owen hunt, greys, greys anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Bipolar disease

Question: 10/17True or False:

Reed Adamson is the first person Gary Clark shoots.

Question: 11/17Why does Mark Sloan fly Addison to Seattle Grace Mercy West?

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Grey's Anatomy on ABC
To operate on his pregnant daughter, Sloan
He wants to get back together with Addison
He needed her opinion on a difficult surgery

Question: 12/17Pick your answer!

Which character was NOT shot during the hospital shooting?
Alex Karev
Miranda Bailey
Charles Percy

Question: 13/17What type of viral infection does Callie get?

greys anatomy, greys, grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Question: 14/17Pick your answer!

Where was Ben Warren during the hospital shooting?
Playing darts
Playing golf
Playing volleyball

Question: 15/17What is wrong with Ellis’ patient during the Time Warp episode?

Sarah Paulson as Ellis Grey on Grey's Anatomy celebrity guest star
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Question: 16/17True or False:

Meredith Grey suffers a miscarriage.

Question: 17/17Alex’s brother comes to visit; what is his name?

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