Quiz: From Childhood to Today, How Well Do You *Really* Know Meredith Grey?

Who's Mer's biggest fan??

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 Jul 11, 2021
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Question: 1/23When she was five, where did Meredith move with her mom?

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Boston, Massachusetts
Tampa, Florida

Question: 2/23Who was Meredith’s first patient?

meredith grey grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Nick Marsh
Katie Bryce
Nurse Fallon

Question: 3/23Who is Meredith’s other roommate?

greys anatomy, greys, grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Alex Karev
Cristina Yang
Izzie Stevens

Question: 4/23What is the “Big Reveal” at the end of season one?

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Addison Montgomery is Meredith Grey’s new boss
Derek Shepherd is moving back to New York with Addison Montgomery
Derek Shepherd is McMarried

Question: 5/23What does Meredith ask Derek to do?

grey's anatomy Meredith and Derek season 2
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Pick me. Choose me. Love me.
Pick me. Choose me. Leave Addie
Pick me. Leave Addie. Love me.

Question: 6/23Why does Meredith stick her hand on the bomb in the body cavity?

Because the paramedic, Hanna, got scared and removed her hand and ran away
She needed some excitement
Dylan (the bomb squad guy) asked her to

Question: 7/23What happens at the prom?

greys anatomy, greys, grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Derek and Meredith hook up
Finn and Addison hook up
Finn and Meredith hook up

Question: 8/23Meredith tries to date Finn and Derek. Who does she choose?

meredith in a hospital bed with finn and derek beside her, grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Derek Shepherd
Alex Karev
Finn Dandridge

Question: 9/23How did Meredith fall into the water?

grey's anatomy
"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC
She wanted to go for a swim
Her patient panicked and pushed Meredith into the water by accident
She was trying to save Ava/Rebecca

Question: 10/23Who is Lexie?

grey's anatomy, george o'malley, lexie grey, Grey's
via ABC
George O’Malley’s new girlfriend
Meredith’s sister (she never knew she had)
Richard Webber’s biological daughter

Question: 11/23What’s happening in this scene?

greys anatomy, greys, meredith grey
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Post it Wedding
Meredith asks Derek to marry her
Meredith tells Derek she is pregnant

Question: 12/23What is this joyous occasion?

meredith and derek holding zola smiling
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Zola’s first birthday party
Zola meets Derek for the first time
Zola’s adoption is official

Question: 13/23Who tragically dies in this plane crash?

grey's anatomy, tv, entertainment, abc, ranking, wdc-rank
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Meredith’s husband, Derek Shepherd
Meredith’s friend, Arizona Robbins
Meredith’s sister, Lexie Grey

Question: 14/23What’s Meredith telling Derek in this scene?

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Grey's Anatomy on ABC
They’re expecting baby #4
They’re expecting baby #2
They’re expecting baby #3

Question: 15/23Who is Meredith saying goodbye to in this scene?

Meredith Grey Then And Now Ellen Pompeo, old vs young, 2018, Season 14
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Cristina Yang
Alex Karev
Izzie Stevens

Question: 16/23How are Maggie Pierce and Meredith Grey related?

grey's anatomy, Maggie Pierce, doctor, Grey's, greys anatomy, greys, medicine, career, hospital
Grey's Anatomy Via ABC
They are not related
They share the same mother, Ellis Grey
They share the same father, Thatcher Grey

Question: 17/23What’s happening in this scene?

grey's anatomy, greys anatomy, greys
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Meredith is saying goodbye to Derek for the last time
Meredith tells Derek that Maggie is her sister
Meredith is telling Derek she is pregnant

Question: 18/23Nine months after Derek’s death, who is born?

Baby Ellis
Leo Hunt
Scout Shepherd

Question: 19/23Who was William Thorpe to Meredith?

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
The first guy she slept with after Derek died
Her biological brother
Meredith’s fiancé in season twelve

Question: 20/23Who tries to take the blame for Meredith’s insurance fraud?

meredith grey season 15 grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Alex Karev
Andrew Deluca
Tom Koracick

Question: 21/23Who does Meredith come face to face with in court?

meredith grey
via ABC
Paul Castello
Izzie Stevens
Cristina Yang

Question: 22/23Who is the letter from?

meredith reading goodbye letter from alex
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Derek Shepherd
Cristina Yang
Alex Karev

Question: 23/23Who does Meredith reunite with (in her COVID dream) in season seventeen?

meredith grey
Grey’s Anatomy via ABC
Ellis Grey
Thatcher Grey
Derek Shepherd
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