How Strong is Your Memory? Can You Score 15/17 on This Mandela Effect Quiz?

Are you from an Alternate Universe?

mandela effect
"Firefly Lane" via Netflix
 Dec 19, 2021
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Question: 1/17Choose the Correct Monopoly Man:
B - With the Monocle
A - Without the Monocle

Question: 2/17Choose the Correct Spelling of this Logo:
A - Looney Toons
B - Looney Tunes

Question: 3/17Choose the Correct Spelling:

JCPenny OR JCPenney?

Question: 4/17Choose the Correct Logo for Volkswagen:
B - Without a Gap
A - With a Gap

Question: 5/17Choose the Correct Logo for The Laughing Cow:
A - Without Nose Ring
B - With Nose Ring

Question: 6/17Does Pikachu have a black tip on his tail?
B - NO, he does not
A -YES, he does

Question: 7/17Choose the Correct Spelling:

Febreze OR Febreeze?

Question: 8/17Choose the Correct Peanut Butter Logo:
A - Jif
B - Jiffy

Question: 9/17Choose the Correct Target Logo:
A - Is the Correct Logo
B - Is the Correct Logo

Question: 10/17Choose the Correct Logo for this Soda:
A - With a Hyphen
B - Without a Hyphen

Question: 11/17Choose the Correct Spelling:

Chick-fil-A OR Chic-fil-A?

Question: 12/17Choose the Correct Spelling:
Mother Theresa
Mother Teresa

Question: 13/17Choose the Correct Spelling for this Bologna Company:
B - Oscar Mayer
A - Oscar Meyer

Question: 14/17Choose the Correct Spelling for this HBO Series:
B - Sex and the City
A - Sex in the City

Question: 15/17Choose the Correct Spelling:

The Berenstain Bears OR The Berenstein Bears?
The Berenstain Bears
The Berenstein Bears

Question: 16/17What is Jigsaw’s signature line in the “Saw” movies?

saw, horror, halloween, monster
saw via Lionsgate
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Question: 17/17Choose the Correct Spelling for this shoe Company:
B - Sketchers
A - Skechers
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