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 Dec 12, 2021
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Question: 1/19Define the Image:
Blood pressure machine
Heart monitor

Question: 2/19Pick your answer!

Which of your organs has stopped if you are experiencing a cardiac arrest?
Your heart
Your brain
Your lungs

Question: 3/19What blood type is considered to be the “universal donor”?
O negative
BA positive
AB Positive

Question: 4/19Pick your answer!

What is removed during a cholecystectomy?
The gallbladder
The spleen
A lung

Question: 5/19What is the largest bone in the body?
Femur (thigh bone)

Question: 6/19Pick your answer!

What is osteoporosis?
Inability to speak
Bone loss
Hearing loss

Question: 7/19Which term relates to the brain?

Question: 8/19Pick your answer!

What do the prefixes “cardio and cardi” refer to?

Question: 9/19What does calcium do?
Makes bones strong
Makes red blood cells grow
Helps with hearing

Question: 10/19Fill in the Blank!

“Rx” is an abbreviation for _____.

Question: 11/19Define the Image:

Question: 12/19Pick your answer!

What does DNR stand for?
Do Not Resuscitate
Do Not Rumble
Do Not Run

Question: 13/19Where do physicians perform surgeries?
Operating rooms
On call rooms
Conference rooms

Question: 14/19Fill in the Blank!

A person with diabetes produces an insufficient amount of _____ in the body?
Vitamin D

Question: 15/19Pick your answer!

Where is the gluteus maximus located?
The foot
The Buttocks
The elbow

Question: 16/19What machine is used for imaging?

Question: 17/19Pick your answer!

What is the best thing to drink to keep you hydrated?
Orange juice

Question: 18/19Pick your answer!

What is an example of a good source of vitamin D?
Fried chicken

Question: 19/19Define the Image:
Surgical masks
Surgical caps
Surgical gown
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