Quiz: 19 TV Show Endings That Are So Good. Do You Know Them All?

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.

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 Dec 19, 2021
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Question: 1/19Name that Series Finale!

The series finale entitled, “The Last One” Monica and Chandler moved to the suburbs with their adopted twins and Ross and Rachel got back together.
Friday Night Lights

Question: 2/19Name that Series Finale!

Schitt’s Creek
Vampire Diaries

Question: 3/19Fill in the Blank!

During Seinfeld’s last episode, Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George wind up in _____.
The coffee shop
Jerry’s apartment

Question: 4/19Name that Series Finale!

Mad About You
Dawson’s Creek
The Wire

Question: 5/19Name that Series Finale!

After Sheldon accepted his Nobel Prize, he apologized to his friends for his insensitivity, and told them he loved them; then he accidentally told the world that Leonard and Penny were expecting their first child.
How to Get Away With Murder
The Big Bang Theory

Question: 6/19Name that Series Finale!

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Question: 7/19Name that Series Finale!

The finale reunited old friends Carter, Benton, Corday, Lewis and Weaver, while also ushering in the next generation of doctors.
St. Elsewhere
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

Question: 8/19Name that Series Finale!

The Office

Question: 9/19Fill in the Blank!

In the series finale of Dexter, we find out Dexter becomes a _____.
Used car salesman
Airline pilot

Question: 10/19Name that Series Finale!

The Leftovers
The Good Place
The Americans

Question: 11/19Name that Series Finale!

Cancer-stricken schoolteacher (turned drug lord), Walter White admitted to wife, Skyler that he hadn’t dealt meth for their family, he did it for himself and he liked it and was good at it.
The Originals
Breaking Bad

Question: 12/19Name that Series Finale!

The Americans
Sex and The City
Friday Night Lights

Question: 13/19Name that Series Finale!

Just two episodes after the death of Nate, during “Everyone’s Waiting,” it flashed forward to the demises of all of the major characters on this beloved funeral-home drama on HBO.
Six Feet Under
The Leftovers

Question: 14/19Name that Series Finale!

Mad Men
Falcon Crest

Question: 15/19Name that Series Finale!

The series ends with Eric Taylor coaching a new high school team in Philadelphia (in a smaller stadium than in Texas). After his first practice, Coach Taylor says, "Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”
Friday Night Lights
All American
Will and Grace

Question: 16/19Name that Series Finale!


Question: 17/19Pick your answer!

In the series finale of “The Sopranos,” what song is playing when the camera fades to black?
“Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi
“Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey
“Thriller” by Michael Jackson

Question: 18/19Name that Series Finale!

Criminal Minds via CBS
C.S.I. Miami
Criminal Minds

Question: 19/19Name that Series Finale!

Everyone comes to the classroom with Mr. Feeny one last time and they tell him how much they loved him and what he meant to each of them.
Gilmore Girls
Boy Meets World
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