Quiz: Which Dune Character Are You, Based On Your Personality?

Chani, Leto, Paul or Lady Jessica?

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 Nov 07, 2021
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Question: 1/17Pick your answer!

Who is your favorite Dune character?
Lady Jessica
Leto Atreides
Paul Atreides

Question: 2/17Pick your answer!

What is more dangerous, your mind or your body?
Your body
Your mind
I can’t choose, they are both important

Question: 3/17Pick your answer!

What is your primary goal as a leader?
Keeping our territory safe
Providing for my people
Honor and dignity
Acquiring knowledge

Question: 4/17Pick your answer!

What would you use the Spice for?
To read minds
To energize and keep working
To find peace of mind
To see the future

Question: 5/17Pick your answer!

What is the most difficult part of living in the Dune universe?

Question: 6/17Pick your answer!

How do you feel about Shai-Hulud, the giant sandworm?
I'd like to feed my enemies to it
I respect it
I admire it
It's superstitious

Question: 7/17Pick your answer!

What would you do to someone who killed your family?
Abandon them in the desert
Imprison them for life
Execute them
Poison them

Question: 8/17Pick your answer!

What matters most?

Question: 9/17Pick your answer!

Choose an adjective:

Question: 10/17Pick your answer!

How do you feel about the Harkonnens?
They're dangerous creatures
They're strong and respectable
They don't deserve to live
They are lost

Question: 11/17Pick your answer!

How do you feel about the Atreides?
They have a brave army
They have an excellent leader
I'd like to be one of them
They deserved better

Question: 12/17Pick your answer!

What do you love about the Dune universe?
The planets
The wars
The characters
The twists

Question: 13/17Pick your answer!

Choose one character to kill:
Dr. Yueh
Vladimir Harkonnen

Question: 14/17Pick your answer!

What could force you to take an innocent person’s life?
Save my family
Save my people
Save myself

Question: 15/17Pick your answer!

What type of Dune character do you hate the most?

Question: 16/17Pick your answer!

What makes a king great?
Strong will

Question: 17/17Pick your answer!

What is your strength?
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