Answer These Q's And We'll Reveal Which Girl Scout Patch You'd Earn First!

Unleash the power of G.I.R.L.!

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 Mar 10, 2020
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Question: 1/18Pick one!

How would your friends describe you?
Social butterfly

Question: 2/18Pick one!

What do you usually do during your free time?
Read a book
Work out
Explore the great outdoors
Catch up on your favorite TV shows

Question: 3/18Pick one!

The cause dearest to your heart is...
Access to clean water
Free education for all
Climate change
Free health insurance

Question: 4/18Pick one!

Choose a superpower!
Time travel
Read minds

Question: 5/18Pick one!

What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Go to the bathroom
Turn on the coffee/tea pot
Check your email
Make your bed

Question: 6/18Pick one!

If you won an award at work, what would it be for?
Morale booster
Organizational Guru
Creative thinking

Question: 7/18Pick one!

Would you rather be:
The kindest person in the room.
The smartest person in the room
The funniest person in the room
The most attractive person in the room

Question: 8/18Pick one!

If you're meeting your friend for dinner at 7pm, what time do you show up to the restaurant?
no later than 7:15pm

Question: 9/18Pick one!

You want to stand out for your:
Fashion sense
Sense of humor
Artistic talent
Social projects

Question: 10/18Pick one!

In general, is it easy for you to find a connection with a stranger?

Question: 11/18Pick one!

If you were to star in a reality show, which one would it be?
Fixer Upper
The Bachelor/Bachelorette
Sugar Rush

Question: 12/18Pick one!

Do you consider yourself spontaneous?

Question: 13/18Pick one!

Choose your girl scout cookie:
Thin Mints

Question: 14/18Pick one!

If you're lost in the wilderness, what would you try to find first?
Whichever comes first

Question: 15/18Pick one!

Which of the following do you fear the most?
Public speaking
Closed spaces
Being out of control
Insects or critters

Question: 16/18Pick one!

In your group of friends, you are usually:
The comic relief
The leader
The spontaneous one
The smarts

Question: 17/18Pick one!

Which of the following would you consider your top skill?

Question: 18/18Pick one!

How often do you update your social media feed?
Every other day
Once a month
I don't have social media
Only during big events
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