Quiz: We Can Guess How Confident You Are In Yourself Based On Just 18 Qs

Self-confidence is the best outfit!

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 Sep 24, 2018
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Question: 1/18Choose Your Answer:

Would you rather be:
The funniest person in the room
The most attractive person in the room
The smartest person in the room

Question: 2/18Choose Your Answer:

If you were to star in a reality show, which genre would you use?
Home improvement
Beauty makeover
Cooking show challenge

Question: 3/18Choose Your Answer:

Which of the following do you fear the most?
Closed spaces
Public speaking

Question: 4/18Choose Your Answer:

Which of the following topics are you most comfortable giving a talk on?
Political climate
Staying motivated
Science and technology
Finance 101

Question: 5/18Choose Your Answer:

If you were single, would you consider speed dating?
Not for me

Question: 6/18Choose Your Answer:

Do you prefer intimate concerts or massive music festivals?
Intimate concerts
Music festivals

Question: 7/18Choose Your Answer:

Would you audition for a part in a play?
Depends on the play

Question: 8/18Choose Your Answer:

How often do you update your social media accounts?
Every other day
I don't have social media
Once a month

Question: 9/18Choose Your Answer:

How do you feel about romantic shoutouts on social media?
They can be a bit much
They're wonderful
The world doesn't need it

Question: 10/18Choose Your Answer:

If someone cuts the line, what would you do?
Let them know right away
Let it go

Question: 11/18Choose Your Answer:

If someone was openly being racist towards another person, would you say something?

Question: 12/18Choose Your Answer:

When working on a complicated project, you prefer to:
Work with a group
Work with partner
Work by yourself

Question: 13/18Choose Your Answer:

When going on vacation, do you often make a detailed itinerary?
No, I just go with the flow

Question: 14/18Choose Your Answer:

You arrive at a party, and none of your friends are in sight. What would you do?
Mingle and meet new people
Call or text one of them
Hang around the bar area, so they can easily spot you

Question: 15/18Choose Your Answer:

People often give me positive feedback about my work and achievements.

Question: 16/18Choose Your Answer:

Do you need to experience success early in the process for you to continue?

Question: 17/18Choose Your Answer:

If something looks difficult, do you try to avoid it?
Very rarely

Question: 18/18Choose Your Answer:

Which of the following would your friends use to describe you?
Hard working
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