Quiz: Can We Guess How You Voted In The Midterms Based On 18 Random Qs?

Did you rock your 'I Voted Sticker'?

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 Jul 24, 2020
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Question: 1/18Pick one!

If you were the U.S President, which of the following should be free?
Health insurance

Question: 2/18Pick one!

Are you more guided by your head or your heart?

Question: 3/18Pick one!

Do you advocate for a woman's right to choose?

Question: 4/18Pick one!

Should cities offer private companies economic incentives to relocate?

Question: 5/18Pick one!

Should the government provide amnesty to illegal immigrants?

Question: 6/18Pick one!

Do you believe in climate change?

Question: 7/18Pick one!

Which do you value most?
Social equality
Individual freedom
Taking care of myself and family

Question: 8/18Pick one!

If a homeless man asks you for money, what would you do?
Give him any spare change you have

Question: 9/18Pick one!

Should photo identification be required in voting?

Question: 10/18Pick one!

How do you feel about the second amendment?
Everyone should be able to own and carry guns
Guns should be banned
We need to update our gun control laws

Question: 11/18Pick one!

You were elected into office. Which of the following would make it to the top of your list?
Lower taxes
Raise minimum wage

Question: 12/18Pick one!

In your opinion, which of these is the most important function of government?
Providing education
Protecting citizens
Managing the debt

Question: 13/18Pick one!

The government should have less responsibilities and should not interfere in the economic sphere. Do you agree?

Question: 14/18Pick one!

Should the U.S. raise taxes on the rich?

Question: 15/18Pick one!

Should health insurers be allowed to deny coverage to individuals who have a pre-existing condition?

Question: 16/18Pick one!

Should same sex couples be allowed to marry?
Marriage should be between a man and a woman.
Love is love.

Question: 17/18Pick one!

The nation's budget should fund this the most.
Social security and welfare
Military defense

Question: 18/18Pick one!

Your city is building a new public building. What should it be?
Community center
Shopping center
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Republican or Democrat? Now that is the question! The state of our political system divides the nation into two major parties. It's not to say there's no middle or in betweeners, but for the most part, it's either your towards the left or the right. Ever wonder where your political views side towards? Take this quiz, and find out!

Remember this is a safe space, so answer these questions as truthfully as you can!

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