Quiz: Who Are You Kissing Under The Mistletoe This Christmas?

Who's the lucky one?

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 Dec 15, 2019
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Question: 1/30Pick one!

Let's first choose your holiday drink.
Peppermint mocha
Spiced apple cider
Mulled wine

Question: 2/30Pick one!

Which of the following would you choose as your Christmas tree topper?

Question: 3/30Pick one!

Choose a holiday treat!
Gingerbread cookies
Bread pudding
Sugar cookies

Question: 4/30Pick one!

Do you prefer Secret Santa or White Elephant?
Secret Santa
White Elephant
What are those?

Question: 5/30Pick one!

Which of the following would you consider gifting to a coworker?
A candle
A book
A gift card
Movie tickets

Question: 6/30Pick one!

Which of the following would you consider your favorite holiday song?
Silent Night
Baby, It's Cold Outside
12 Days of Christmas
All I Want for Christmas

Question: 7/30Pick one!

What do you love most about the holidays?
Time off from work
Festive spirit
Family get togethers

Question: 8/30Pick one!

How early do you start decorating for Christmas?
I don't decorate
After Thanksgiving
After Halloween
December 1

Question: 9/30Pick one!

Choose your favorite holiday film.
Miracle on 34th Street
Nightmare Before Christmas
A Christmas Story

Question: 10/30Pick one!

What are you wishing for the most this holiday season?
Career advancement
World peace
Blossoming love life

Question: 11/30Pick one!

If you could perform one Christmas miracle, what would it be?
Give every child around the world a Christmas present
Make it possible for every single family member to spend Christmas together
Heal a loved one from a terminal illness

Question: 12/30Pick one!

Which of the following common Christmas colors is your favorite?

Question: 13/30Pick one!

If you could have dinner with one of the following characters, who will you choose?
The Grinch
Santa Claus
Buddy the Elf

Question: 14/30Pick one!

Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?

Question: 15/30Pick one!

Is Christmas your favorite holiday of all holidays?

Question: 16/30Pick one!

If you were to spend Christmas in one of the following countries, which one would it be?

Question: 17/30Pick one!

What's the the first thing you do on Christmas morning?
Make coffee
Watch tTV
Open presents
Prepare a breakfast feast

Question: 18/30Pick one!

Do you make an effort to wrap presents?
Does a paper bag count?

Question: 19/30Pick one!

Have you started your Christmas shopping?

Question: 20/30Pick one!

Do you usually shop online or in-store?

Question: 21/30Pick one!

Do you usually ask for someone's wish list?
It depends...
Yes. I want to make sure I get them a gift they like.
No. I'm a good gift giver.

Question: 22/30Pick one!

If you were to get yourself one of the following, which one would it be?
A new car
A spa treatment
A purse you've been eyeing
A new gadget

Question: 23/30Pick one!

Which of the following would make a great stocking stuffer?
Candy bar
Gift card
Key chain
Mini alcohol bottle

Question: 24/30Pick one!

Pick an ornament!
Picture of yourself

Question: 25/30Pick one!

If you were to throw a Christmas party, what's the dress code?
Come as you are
Ugly Christmas sweater

Question: 26/30Pick one!

What are you most likely bringing to a holiday potluck?
Sugar cookies
Casserole dish
Fruit and vegetable tray

Question: 27/30Pick one!

Which of the following gag gifts would you consider gifting?
Box of popcorn
Box of pens

Question: 28/30Pick one!

Would you consider going out of town for the holidays?

Question: 29/30Pick one!

What's your least favorite thing about Christmas?
Cold weather
Slaving in the kitchen
Spending money

Question: 30/30Pick one!

Which of the following scents remind you most about the holidays?
Spiced fig
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Answer these Christmas quiz questions to find out who you will be kissing under the mistletoe. Santa? The Grinch or Buddy The Elf? Answer and see what your results will be!

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