Quiz: Most People Don’t Know The Meaning Of These 22 Long Words. Do You?

How vast is your vocabulary knowledge?

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 Jan 21, 2020
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Question: 1/22Choose the correct meaning!

To make something smaller
Increase the power of something
To speculate about something

Question: 2/22Choose the correct meaning!

Expert in a field
A hotel receptionist
To whip something from scratch

Question: 3/22Choose the correct meaning!

A leader during ancient Roman times
A fictional creature with two heads
A political leader

Question: 4/22Choose the correct meaning!

Very precise
All knowing

Question: 5/22Choose the correct meaning!

Fear of possible evil or harm
Catching someone in the act

Question: 6/22Choose the correct meaning!

Covering one's crime
Supporting a cause
Block off with barriers

Question: 7/22Choose the correct meaning!

Something small
Something subtle
Something obvious

Question: 8/22Choose the correct meaning!

Listen without the speaker's knowledge
Gossiping to others
To suddenly appear out of nowhere

Question: 9/22Choose the correct meaning!

Feeling of annoyance
Sweating profusely
Extremely tired

Question: 10/22Choose the correct meaning!

A calm singing voice
Take full control of a business
Sounded or spoken in a tone with unvarying pitch

Question: 11/22Choose the correct meaning!

Grossly unconventional
A fugutive
Minimalistic decor

Question: 12/22Choose the correct meaning!

Physical therapy
Massaging the muscles
Restore to good health

Question: 13/22Choose the correct meaning!

Admiration for another person
Offensive to the mind
Bad odor

Question: 14/22Choose the correct meaning!

Belonging to a period before war
A female singer
A family heirloom

Question: 15/22Choose the correct meaning!

A medical procedure for males
To confuse someone with the use of trickery
Travel completely around something

Question: 16/22Choose the correct meaning!

Involving numbers
Involving ideas
Involving concepts

Question: 17/22Choose the correct meaning!

Loving someone selflessly
A butterfly sanctuary
Striking change in appearance

Question: 18/22Choose the correct meaning!

Close attention to detail
Not caring

Question: 19/22Choose the correct meaning!

Words that sound the same but have different meanings
Similar kind or nature
Belonging to the opposite sex

Question: 20/22Choose the correct meaning!

Impossible to deny
Planting an idea in someone's head
Conversion from automatic to manual control

Question: 21/22Choose the correct meaning!

Stem cell reproduction
Engineering that involves manipulating atoms and molecules
Advanced technology found in plants

Question: 22/22Choose the correct meaning!

A system of words used to name things in a discipline
One's given name
A religious cult
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