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Questions About Jesus' Birth, Mary of Nazareth
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 Dec 10, 2017
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What was the name of the angel that visited Mary?

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How did Mary decide on the name Jesus? recommended it to her
She's always been fond of the name Jesus.
The angel told her the name.

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Where was Jesus born?

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What's another term for an animal's trough?

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The three wise men were also known as:

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What did the three wise men use for guidance in order to find Jesus?
A star
The sun
A map

Question: 7/16Pick one!

Which King of Judah plotted to killed baby Jesus?
King Isaiah
King Herod
King Joeffrey

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Which of the following was NOT a gift from the three wise men to Jesus?

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Why did Mary and Joseph leave Nazareth?
Roman Emperor ordered the killing of babies
Roman Emperor ordered a census to be taken
The angel instructed them to leave

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Which of the following books mentions the birth of Jesus?

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What was Joseph's occupation?
He was a painter
He was a carpenter
He was a teacher

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Who was Mary's cousin who was also pregnant with John?

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What are the names of the 3 wise men?
Balthasar, Aramus, Gaspar
Melchor, Abraham, Luke

Question: 14/16Pick one!

Who was the king that ordered the census?
Pontius Pilate
Robert Henry
Ceasar Augustus

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Who baptized Jesus?

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Jesus' birth is celebrated on:
April 25th
December 25th
February 14th
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