Quiz: Answer These 18 Qs To Reveal Your Perfect Valentines Day Date

Get ready for the perfect Valentine!

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 Feb 12, 2020
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Question: 1/18Pick one!

Are you looking forward to Valentines this year?

Question: 2/18Pick one!

Which of the following is a good first date idea?
Comedy show
Dinner and a movie

Question: 3/18Pick one!

If you could only receive one, which classic gift would you pick?
Box of chocolates
Bouquet of flowers
Oversize teddy bear

Question: 4/18Pick one!

Choose a romantic comedy!
My Best Friend's Wedding
When Harry Met Sally
50 First Dates
You've Got Mail

Question: 5/18Pick one!

Do you usually make restaurant reservations?
Only during special occasions

Question: 6/18Pick one!

Before picking a restaurant, do you consult Yelp or online reviews first?
Not usually

Question: 7/18Pick one!

Would you rather stay indoors or go out of town for Valentines?
Stay indoors
Weekend getaway

Question: 8/18Pick one!

Choose an ice cream flavor!
James coffee and bourbon
Honey lavender
Salted, malted, chocolate chip cookie dough
Chocolate gooey brownie

Question: 9/18Pick one!

What do you usually wear on a date?
Jeans and a dressy top
Classic LBD
Bright colored dress

Question: 10/18Pick one!

Are you a morning or a night person?

Question: 11/18Pick one!

Would you rather:
Be the most attractive person in the room
Be the funniest person in the room
Be the smartest person in the room

Question: 12/18Pick one!

Would you go on a blind date on Valentines day?

Question: 13/18Pick one!

In your group of friends, you're usually the:
Life of a party
Comic relief

Question: 14/18Pick one!

How often do you post on social media?
Every week
I don't have social media
Only during big events

Question: 15/18Pick one!

You're ordering dessert. Which of the following would you order?
Chocolate lava cake
Creme brulee
Fruit tart
Banana split

Question: 16/18Pick one!

What do you love most about Valentines?
The plethora of sweets
The love in the air
Cute decorations

Question: 17/18Pick one!

Which of the following would you bring to a Galentine's day event?
A baked casserole
Chips and dip
A dessert dish

Question: 18/18Pick one!

Your morning meeting was cancelled. What will you do with the extra two hours?
Go to the gym
Run some errands
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