Quiz: Can You Ace This Basic Nonverbal Communication Challenge?

Can you pick up on nonverbal cues?

 Nov 20, 2017
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Question: 1/15Pick one!

How do you know someone is lying?
Decreased eye contact
They sneeze excessively
They chew gum loudly

Question: 2/15Pick one!

What should you avoid doing if you're being interviewed on camera?
Speaking slowly & clearly
Using hand gestures
Wearing stripes

Question: 3/15Pick one!

How do you spot a fake smile?
Increased eye contact
Cheeks rising, causing wrinkles around the eyes
Not as much teeth visible

Question: 4/15Pick one!

How do some people react to fear?
Crying, screaming

Question: 5/15Pick one!

What should you not do when you shake someone's hand?
Look directly in their eyes
Grip firmly
Turn the top of your hand towards the ceiling

Question: 6/15Pick one!

What can your non-verbal communication change?
How trusting others are of you
How you view yourself

Question: 7/15Pick one!

Which of the following is NOT part of nonverbal communication?
Body movement
Facial expressions
A loud argument

Question: 8/15Pick one!

Which group is better at nonverbal communication?

Question: 9/15Pick one!

Is sign language considered non-verbal communication?

Question: 10/15Pick one!

A businessman standing tall with chest out and head high, might mean:
Ill-fitting suit

Question: 11/15Pick one!

Narrowing of the lips usually denote:

Question: 12/15Pick one!

Crow's feet wrinkles around the eye area denote:

Question: 13/15Pick one!

Which of the following is a facial element of disgust?
Eyes glare
Nose wrinkling
Tensed lower eyelids

Question: 14/15Pick one!

Which of the following motions is often linked to deception?
Crossing of arms
Nose rub
Touching the chin

Question: 15/15Pick one!

You're done with this quiz! Turn to your friend and give them a _______!
Punch in the face
Shoulder to cry on
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