Quiz: We Can Guess Your Level Of Education Based On The US Laws You Know

Do you know the law of the land?

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 May 05, 2018
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Question: 1/18Pick the correct answer!

How many people are in a jury?

Question: 2/18Pick the correct answer!

When you are indicted, you are ___.
Let out of jail
Charged with a crime
Found not guilty in a court of law

Question: 3/18Pick the correct answer!

In the US, which is higher: the legal drinking age or the legal driving age?

Question: 4/18Pick the correct answer!

Which of these is more serious: a felony or a misdemeanor?

Question: 5/18Pick the correct answer!

Who issues a search warrant?
Police chief
A judge

Question: 6/18Pick the correct answer!

To become a lawyer you must pass _______.
the LSAT
the Judicial Hearing
the Bar

Question: 7/18Pick the correct answer!

Which of these is NOT compulsory in the U.S.?
Respecting the ruling of a judge
Appearing in court when you've been summoned

Question: 8/18Pick the correct answer!

She was the first female Supreme Court justice.
Antonia Scalia
Sandra Day O'Connor
Sonia Sotomayor

Question: 9/18Pick the correct answer!

How should you address a Judge?
Ma'am/ Sir
Your Highness
Your Honor

Question: 10/18Pick the correct answer!

When an officer arrests an individual, the officer must read that individual's ______.
Habeas Corpus
Miranda rights
Pledge of allegiance

Question: 11/18Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following crimes is punishable by death?
Insider trading
Capital offense

Question: 12/18Pick the correct answer!

In ______, the 19th Amendment was passed, securing women's right to vote.

Question: 13/18Pick the correct answer!

What Supreme Court case struck down laws prohibiting abortions?
Roe vs. Wade
Marbury vs. Madison
Farrel vs. Ohio

Question: 14/18Pick the correct answer!

How many members make up a jury?

Question: 15/18Pick the correct answer!

Brown v. Board of Education was about:
Affirmative action
School segregation
Flag burning

Question: 16/18Pick the correct answer!

If you cannot afford an attorney, what happens?
Your family will need to pay for one
One will be appointed to you
You can act as your own

Question: 17/18Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following is not part of your Miranda rights?
Right to remain silent
Right to an attorney
Right to bail

Question: 18/18Pick the correct answer!

When should you have your taxes filed?
End of October
June 30th
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