So You Say You're An Elvis Fan... But Can You Prove It?

Prove your love for the King with this quiz.

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 Apr 28, 2018
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Question: 1/18Name the song by the lyric!

"Like a river flows surely to the sea"
Always on My Mind
Can't Help Falling in Love

Question: 2/18Name the song by the lyric!

"I get so lonely I could die"
Don't Be Cruel
All Shook Up
Heartbreak Hotel

Question: 3/18Name the song by the lyric!

"Let's rock everybody, let's rock"
She Bangs
Hound Dog
Jailhouse Rock

Question: 4/18Name the song by the lyric!

"All my dreams fulfilled for my darling I love you"
The Wonder of You
Blue Eyes
Love Me Tender

Question: 5/18Name the song by the lyric!

"Well, it's one for the money, two for the show"
An American Trilogy
If I Can Dream
Blue Suede Shoes

Question: 6/18Name the song by the lyric!

"I can't walk out because I love you too much, baby"
In The Ghetto
Suspicious Minds
Never Let You Go

Question: 7/18Name the song by the lyric!

"Lord Almighty, I feel my temperature rising .Higher higher..."
Jailhouse Rock
Man of Fire
Burning Love

Question: 8/18Name the song by the lyric!

"I've hungered for your touch, a long lonely time"
Love Me Tender
Unchained Melody
Can't Help Falling in Love

Question: 9/18Name the song by the lyric!

"I write I'm sorry but my letter keeps coming back"
Crying in the Chapel
Return to the Sender
Don't Be Cruel

Question: 10/18Name the song by the lyric!

"Maybe I didn't treat you quite as good as I should have"
Stuck on You
Teddy Bear
Always on my Mind

Question: 11/18Name the song by the lyric!

"All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me"
A Little Less Conversation
Little Sister
Jailhouse Rock

Question: 12/18Name the song by the lyric!

"Where all my brothers walk hand in hand"
If I Can Dream
Blue Suede Shoes

Question: 13/18Name the song by the lyric!

"As the snow flies on a cold and gray Chicago mornin'"
In the Ghetto
A Big Hunk of Love

Question: 14/18Name the song by the lyric!

"My heart was captured; My soul surrendered"
It's Now or Never
Blue Christmas
Blue Hawaii

Question: 15/18Name the song by the lyric!

"I know the meaning of contentment. I am happy with the Lord"
Open Arms
Crying in the Chapel
Heaven Knows

Question: 16/18Name the song by the lyric!

"You got my shirt tails flyin' all over the place"
Bossa Nova Baby
Hit the Dancefloor
Good Luck Charm

Question: 17/18Name the song by the lyric!

"Please don't break my heart in two"
Unchained Melody
Love Me Tender
Wooden Heart

Question: 18/18Name the song by the lyric!

"Her lips were like a volcano when it's hot"
Hot and Heavy
A Little Less Conversation
All Shook Up
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